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  • Hey just though i would drop you a message haven't seen you in the chat at all and we where never able to continue our discussion
    Liked your thread regarding ADISC going downhill, I'm finding I like the place less and less. I found I didn't even want to post/comment on your thread for fear I would vomit all over the forum! Like you, I mourn the loss of many of the ADISC members that created and added so much to the atmosphere and culture of the site. Many have left and had their accounts deleted, others have been censored (permanently banned); the latest of which was EmeraldsandLimes (Lukie - former senior ADISC staff member/mod - for the old-timers from the TBDL.org and early ADISC days) for his unabashed, outspoken criticism of the site. Enough of these rants.

    So I'm getting ready to Cowboy-up!

    BTW, My wife and I are going up to Calgary, AB, Canada in July for the full duration of the Centennial celebration of the Calgary Stampede!
    been Pretty good! Sorry its been kinda crazy :P and its mokeegurl! :P been busy with work myself hehe may be getting promoted soon?
    I have noooooo idea as to what major I want to pursue yet. Just working on the general ed stuff at the moment.
    Wow, you got me beat. =o

    I'm a student at the moment. My duties include going to class, taking notes, studying, trying not to screw around, taking tests, studying, lots of writing, studying and studying.
    What exactly are your duties as a cowboy? I can't imagine there are too many gunfights to attend anymore... though you never know. :tongueout:

    The reason I asked about the rocking horse is because my dad built me one exactly like it when I was a little tyke. o.o

    Sorry, I really don't know an awful lot about Pennsylvania, the only time I've been in the state was passing through it on my way back from Arizona. (I drove my sister's mother in law back East after her getting a divorce and with the hours I put in on the road each day would have LOVED to be diapered!) I would love to go visit one of the big tractor dealers down there like Burkholder Bros in Lebanon for they are about the biggest in the country when it comes to used tractors.

    I'm blushing! I'm glad you enjoy my posting. I must admit, one of my primary motives for joining ADISC was that it seemed like a good forum for discussion, quite apart from the common interests. Decent conversation is still something of a rarity online. I've enjoyed your postings as well; your baby ringtones thread really made me laugh - I use the instrumental theme from the Gummi Bears cartoon on my phone, and the significance of that has only just occured to me.

    As for my Avatar - credit is due to TaviMunk - it's his work. I've comissioned something a little more elaborate from him, and I may use that when it's finished.

    Random question incoming: What is the significance of the rocking horse in your signature?
    Cowboy, you'll need the long johns for sure! We've been stuck in a cold/snow repeat system for weeks and weeks now and it's getting really old. Today is the first above freezing day in over a month. I have over thirty inches of snow on the yard right now. ICK! I am getting pretty good at plowing snow with a pickup truck, however.

    Besides tractor driving, the only real reason I help out on the neighbor's farm, I am into my PlayStation 3 that my son bought me for Christmas a couple years ago and of all things Pokemon on my herd of Gameboys. I like RPGs on the PlayStation and I've been playing Pokemon since it first came out and have at least one game from each incarnation of the series and soon will be buying yet another.
    Hey Cowboy! I'm finally able to say hi! Though I don't live on a farm myself I seem to help out those who do. Of late I'm helping a neighbor who has beef cattle and does a lot of haying and vegetable growing in the summer months. I love driving and working on tractors and sometimes have the oportunity to do so padded.

    Massachusetts, where I live, is in the deep freeze at the moment with the temps being -2 this morning and likely to be -13 to -15 over the next couple of days so I don't think I'll be wearin' and wettin' outside anytime soon.
    Cool about taking the VT course. You'll be a Hokie Bird! As for my school, it's a junior high school. Our last day of school will be May 27, almost as if it was college. We only have 172 days of school, but we have the same number of hours as our days are longer. Actually, the student's days are longer, I still work the same hours, but I'm in classes for a longer period.
    Hi back at ya. It's been cold here in Virginia too. We have some snow on the ground today. Things have been going well. We don't go back to school until Jan. 18, if you can believe that. All the schools are shut down at just above freezing temperature to save money. The free time is great!
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