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    nuk teeth safety query

    They can cause your teeth to loose their shape, especially if you have undergone corrective treatment. But this really only occurs in over-use of pacifiers
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    Night wear

    I rarely sleep with diapers on because I find it hard to fall asleep :(
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    Pushing it in public

    I have worn in public before. For me it's the idea of keeping it completely secret that appeals to me. I like the fact that only I know I'm wearing a diaper, and it's completely discrete, and everyone else is oblivious.
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    great weekend ahead

    I'm sooo jealous :(
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    Oral Fixation

    It's so hard to keep my comment clean :P
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    AB/DL Mall of America

    O.M.G. I wish we had one of those over here :(
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    Diaper silliness

    oh dear...
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    trust me, i dont live near you ;) I google'd it :P

    trust me, i dont live near you ;) I google'd it :P
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    how to carry a extra diaper into a public restroom

    If you only want to carry one extra diaper, put it under the waistband of your trousers. Just make sure it doesnt fall lol. As for disposing it. Try to use a toilet with baby changing facilities if possible. Disabled toilets sometimes incorporate those facilities
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    Boots StayDry

    a lot more boots stores now sell the depends brand. It used to be only the very large ones. Try depends, I know theyr kinda crappy, but the best you'l get in the shops here. Either that or large drynites
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    wearing 2 abri form x plus

    Yep, I'll second that. WHere the hell in the UK did you get those? :P
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    Disposing of used diapers in public?

    just carry 2 plastic bags with you. Put the used diaper in 1 bag, squeeze the air out of it, tie it, and then put that bag in the second plastic bag. Less smelly, and thers less chance of people seeing the diaper through the bags.
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    Dry 24/7 Size Comparison (Pictures) *Review added

    i still don't understand the purpleness...
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    Sleeping with diapers...

    Last night i tried sleeping with a diaper on. I swear to god it was the worst nights sleep I have ever had. I just cannot seem to take my mind away from the excitement of wearing long enough to fall asleep. I was hoping to wake up with a wet diaper, but at around 3:30am i gave up, wet it...
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    First 'proper' Adult Diapers!!!

    Yeah, ordering online is out of the question. My mum doesnt work, so shes in the house pretty much all the time I'm there. And to add to that, my dad works from home. Depends are quite bad, I think I'll be switching to large drynites, they are more babyish and seem to be a bit more high quality