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  • Yes the motherboard was replaced. How do you do a firmware update when you can't get your computer screen up?
    My laptop died big time. Look up Dell error 2000-0145 validation 126443. Let me know what you think.
    Aww thank you! I actually have this teddy and I call him fluffles, hence the username/avatar combo ��
    I believe, that I'll be attending a quaint gathering for the 4th... Otherwise, trying to make the proverbial hay while, the literal sun, shines :) Much to do for the inevitable, rainy to winter conditions to come, in the next few months... How 'bout you? Yes, the few times that I do remember to launch Discord... you are not on, lately... and, I tend to be dog tired, much the remainder of that time... I've been up about 06:30, these last few mornings... I'm surprised, that I'm still awake now (23:16)...

    We'll get there again! :)
    Aye, it is from my own creation and, it be of my own resemblance... 'tis I, that you seek to know of ;)
    Yeah - I was going to do it a few months back yet, I got the nomination for best avatar then, so... waited until now. I don't know where I'm going with it or. what I'll be doing... (Marka: beta V2.5a?)
    Yo! Hmm... You're probably thinking of this post, although a subsequent forum software update changed the format of the album URLs, rendering the post text-only. The images didn't move, though; they're all here.

    I made an animated GIF of the diaper sizes too, and it was posted to imageshack. Imageshack seems to have archived it, though, and the link no longer works. I'm sure I still have it...somewhere. Of course, all of the prints have changed since I did this stuff, as have a number of the sizes.

    Last summer, with the intention of redoing all of this, I bought the latest versions of every Huggies and Pampers product, but a family emergency popped up and diverted my attention. D'oh!
    There is a serious troll spamming the entire site right now I am sure you are already on it I reported one of their pics earlier but now this has gotten out off hand please do something immediately thank you.
    Thank you!

    Yeah I had closed teh banner at some point and couldn't figure out where else the info was... ^_^;;;
    Cool that you have been listening to it. It's both beautiful and dramatically effective. Years ago I used to do many of the classical works. We did big works when I was at the 3200 member church in Ohio, like the Brahms Requiem. Times have changed and the church I'm now at likes more contemporary music. I still play classical works on organ and piano. It challenges me which is something I need.
    Haha....yeah, I lost my sanity a long time ago.

    The cantata I'm doing with my choir is "What Love Is This" and it's actually written as a collaboration by several authors, Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Brad Nix, Marty Parks and Larry Shackley. It's a Lorenz publication. They used to be the easy anthem company for small churches, but that was a long time ago. Their head editor is someone I went to college with, Gilbert Martin. Now they publish all sorts of music.
    Haha...thanks for the response. Yes, I just haven't come out of the closet as a frog abuser.
    Hope you had fun. Yeah, I didn't know at all but hope you can talk about it tonight.
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