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  1. Hi there
    I just read a post you put in about having your testicles removed.
    I'm due to have this done this summer. A bit nervous but in the long term I'm hopefully going to be a lot more comfortable as I think like you my meds are reacting with testosterone. I'll move onto HRT afterwards.
    Any advice?
  2. Actually, I don't know exactly. I haven't ever taken pictures of my own projects, so I decided to use this picture that I found with Google Images.
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    Thanks, I had to play with it a bit. I caught them the 14th near San Diego; I was unaware of their existence before that show, I didn't know what I was missing but am now a new convert
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    Makes sense. In our project we're running off batteries, And we're using a standard Voltage Regulator to go from out 7.2V to 5V all our electronics run. The only problem is that it's consuming 2A. So the reg gets rather warm. Hasn't blown yet, and is in spec (rated to do 3A). But I'm still concerned, even if we have attached a nice heatsink to it.

    I've only worked in one office over summer, But that was purely software that was in any technical depth. Did learn a lot there, but a lot I learnt on my own more than that from a mentor. Mostly as I only asked questions when stuck. But I am not too sure if whatever I work on next that I will be as independent. But the software was used for the marketing of their RF filters. So I gained a little experience there at any time my project was reviewed. But I really had to be walked through certain aspects of what makes a good RF filter. I guess some things people are better at than others.
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    I have no real sense on analog stuff beyond basic filters, amplifiers and transmission lines. I Really like my digital stuff, especially when it comes to signal processing. I still find that stuff amazing, it's really the part of the complex magic of modern electronics that I understand well. So it's got it's place in modern digital Radio systems :P.

    But what do you mean power to the RF chips? You mean give it a strong baseband signal, without overdriving the Transmitter?

    But as a student Engineer, still feel some what unprepared. There is a lot of stuff to learn. But I suppose that's engineering in a nut shell, got to keep on top of your game using new techniques and strategies.
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    What type of analog ICs do you do? I am sure you do more electronics than just Analog stuff. Is it high frequency mind hurting stuff, generating the future of radio?
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    can you some basic words
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    can you talk a littel danish
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    are you from denmark
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    Happy Birthday!
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About AnalogRTO
SF Bay Area, CA
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Diaper Lover, Incontinent
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Skydiving, Electronics, Antique Cars, Street Rods
Straight, Bi, Other
BSEE got me job in analog IC design
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Bambino Classico, Abena M4, XP Medical A+ Level 4
No way, I'm too off the wall.
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Live fast and leave a good looking corpse! They're going to find me screaming all the way in--screaming in so fast the devil will end up looking up when I stop and say, "Wow, you were moving, weren't you?!?"

As for the neuter part of my gender? I'm male, but lost both testicles in 2009 to severe pain that would not go away, only way they could come up with after trying nerve block surgeries that failed was removal. It hurt enough I begged for them to be cut off.


Sometimes I think there's no reason to get out of bed... then I feel wet, and I realize there is. If peeing your pants was cool, then I'm Miles Davis. and.....Thank you, Tinkle Fairy!


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Farewell to our puppy

by AnalogRTO on 11-Sep-2013 at 21:44
It's been almost exactly one year since we got a little female puppy, a black lab mix, that we named Zia. She was eight weeks old when we got her.

She was an absolute sweetheart, and chased around the house with my youngest child, thick as thieves. Not as big as our Great Dane (he's 140lbs), she was about 16 tall at the shoulder and 60lbs.

She was scheduled to be spayed today, and we asked the vet to check out one shoulder of hers where she had been limping and not

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The insanity continues...

by AnalogRTO on 02-Nov-2011 at 23:11
Life is absolutely crazy right now. Work is absolutely nuts--we are moving our entire design and applications departments at the headquarters from one building to another larger building. If you consider I've been at this company for 17 1/2 years, with the last 15 sitting in the same cubicle, I have a lot of years of files and build-up to sort through and clear out. This is basically moving the contents of a 60 thousand plus square foot building to another building just a couple hundred yards away.

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Rock the Cradle of Love

by AnalogRTO on 24-Oct-2011 at 16:51
Our company 30-year anniversary party was on Saturday. I've been here roughly 17 1/2 years, so I'm considered one of the 'old-timers' even though I'm 41. I started this job straight out of college and consider myself damned lucky to have found such a good place to go right as I graduated.

Drinks, dinner, and a private concert. Some of you may have already guessed the rock star from the 80's who performed for us--Billy Idol. I guess he's 55, almost 56, and is straight and sober now.

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Identifying who I am--ending part

by AnalogRTO on 19-Jan-2011 at 19:14
Paying my own way through college was tough, but my resolve had been set by the threats made. I refused to ask them for help, though my father was more than helpful and supportive of my decisions. My future wife and I met while I finished my degree, and we had our first two children before I graduated from college.

It should have been obvious that my mom and stepdad wouldn't like my wife, but I was young and not very world-wise. Now, it does not surprise me--my wife was not a choice

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Identifying who I am

by AnalogRTO on 19-Jan-2011 at 19:13
The last few nights, I've been woken through the night by minor headaches. I'm off all of the pain medications, and the new medication regimen I have to control my headaches is doing a decent job of controlling the frequency and intensity, but I still get hit from time to time. Usually I take ibuprofen, sometimes Tylenol, and then it takes a half hour or so to kick in to where I can get back to sleep.

It gives me time to think and reflect.

One thing that I've been reflecting

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