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And then this guy sets everything back... 17-Nov-2017
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Eliminate Razor Bumps (Howto)

by kitsiulla on 27-Jan-2013 at 14:13
For helping/eliminating the bumps, use pure silicon lube. It should have a #3 on it. It's a little expensive but little goes a long way! Wash the area for a while with very warm/hot water to open the pores. Then rub in the silicon over the whole area until it's 'slick'. Rinse with warm water but not so much you wash it all off, but just to get rid of the excess so you don't clog up the razor. Another trick is to add just a little shampoo over it before shaving. This helps to keep the razor cleaner

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Hopefully some help with buying diapers, bottles, pacis an stuff from the store - without chickening out.

by kitsiulla on 23-Sep-2010 at 07:21
Would you be scared buying a bottle and paci for your baby sister *even if you don't have one*? Or because you are going to be babysitting your cousin? Of course not! No one knows they are for you and no one is going to ask unless they know you. And maybe not even then. But at the store, just get them with that in mind.. that they are for 'someone else'. If by some wild chance there is a comment, you can just look at them like they are stupid for asking.

People in general when they

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by kitsiulla on 04-Jun-2010 at 00:58
This is a reply to a post but i put it here because it covers a lot more than just the one THREAD here.

wow. i am really suprised to read these replys. Ok so he's an old guy who's an infantilist and a sissy and not good looking to the general public 'eye'. What i see the 'public image' is that we have everywhere is no different. Does this mean the only pics that ppl should see are of the cute boys and girls with great bodies and diapers in some genaric pose like they really don't

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