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im not dead!

by Jakethefox on 17-Apr-2011 at 18:07
thought you should know.

just been busybusybusy..

so job interview on tuesday, im pretty damn sure I can get the job, i've heard from the manager through Jay (our fellow forum lurker Auronjohnson) that he WANTS to hire me, he just couldnt when I put the application in, so on the 19th, i has job.

I do realize I still owe Customizer some money, but thats alright because i'll have him paid off before the deadline (if not, i'll have a good chunk of it done

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Updates for new days

by Jakethefox on 24-Feb-2010 at 23:46
Bought a CRX.

its got beat.

Lots of it and plenty to spare.

TBE gets his head blown off the next time he comes up (No not with a gun silly worried TBE)

Bass for your Face like a headshot from an Ace maintaining a constant Pace while I wiz past you like a Pacer as the room gets cloudy like an Eraser aint from the verbal notes but from the deep hits from the pipe filling your lungs with toxins to make you halluencinate on a playdate that

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Holy Crap I updated my BLOG!!!!

by Jakethefox on 09-Jul-2009 at 21:19
Yup, thats right folks! We have an update!!!

First off to start this MIGHTY BLOG action up,

1986 Jeep Cherokee, 2.8L V6, just had all the seals replaced, water pump replaced, timing chain and gears replaced, fan motor cleaned, battery terminals replaced (New ones are so shiny :3), battery has been swapped out for a Optima Yellow-top spiral-cell battery, Alternator has been cleaned (getting almost

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Yay finally done with project OverKill <audio>

by Jakethefox on 20-Jun-2008 at 03:30
I finally got done with OverKill, been building this beast for a long long time, 1 12, 2 6x9s, 4 6.25s, 2 8s, 4 4" tweets

its very capable right now

20Hz @ 131db
38Hz @ 146db

them are the only freqs I tested on the 12, its very capable huh, its a TC Sound Subwoofer

Currently running 400W to this beast

And did I mention its really really loud!

and in other news, im gonna try to be

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Yup, I have a blog now!

by Jakethefox on 23-May-2008 at 17:06
Finally decided to make a blog on all of my equipment projects, Yes, I have projects going on :3

* X230 supermod
+ New 6x9s for the front
= Pioneer 6x9 White-label ($30/p)
+ New Subwoofer, 12"
= Lightning Audio 12" P4.12.4
* VSX9300 stereo from hell
+ 4 15" Fi Q subwoofers <each sub gets 120w>
+ 8 6.25" Re MT mids
+ 2 Pyle Supertweeters <3" exit>
* Kevin's System <I built

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