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About quietcutie
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Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Babyfur, Little
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Overwatch, musical instruments (mostly guitar and piano), other stuffs
best no one knows
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abu lavender
The voice of reason
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Add me on things i use outside adisc if you would like to chat! Main Account:LethalBacon#11874 Alt account: QuietCutie#1314 - Steam: A smol boi /if that dont work just pm me.


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Another dl makes the news.. 10-Oct-2018
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by quietcutie on 24-Sep-2018 at 19:37
i found myself again, after crawling in the dark for so long. I didnt need companionship, i didnt need my parents apologies. All i needed was a good frame change. I feel good, i feel like i can do anything. I want to show the world how to relax and feel joy. I dont feel a whole lot of joy anymore in the world. Its all anger and angst. Seems like nobody knows how to just let go and keep floating on.

It's time to take a step back, lets get to the fundamentals. What makes people happy,

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crayons are fun?

by quietcutie on 19-Sep-2018 at 08:27

Is all i can describe today. A recent burden has been lifted from my shoulders. Alot of stress washed away. To celebrate i went little for the whole day as this is my day off. The simplicity in this self therapy is shockingly effective and i must say, i feel bad for those who are into this stuff and was like me. A closet AB or DL, just give in man. You will feel so much better. There is no use in attaching shame and guilt to this no matter who screwed you over or who made you

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what are these walls doing here anyways

by quietcutie on 17-Sep-2018 at 00:01
its funny, you wake up one morning and think to yourself. Time for a change(metaphorically). So you strap on your boots and make some calls and decide to take control of your life. You go on your way but what do you find? For me i found nothing, im still me and even more miserable.

Life is a cruel joke, the irony in everything is astounding. I came back to my old hometown to re-find myself and start fresh. Well what happened was rape, stress, loneliness, and depravity. People i use

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i guess i should make this more regular

by quietcutie on 15-Sep-2018 at 10:40
Its been 2 weeks now after fully accepting this. And things in my life are normalizing. Stressors still present but im keeping it together now more than ever. I find i can finally be more talkative at work and more outgoing. Why did i deny myself this for so long?

I know why, im damaged piece of shit who never understood what unconditional love was because his parents were neglectful. I lost out on alot of life lessons because either A: was locked in my room all the time or B: was

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Breaking point

by quietcutie on 08-Sep-2018 at 18:04
wew, where to start. Life was never easy for me, i dont want to go through specifics but its been one bumpy ride in my 25 years so far. I have learned alot and became a better man as the years go on but im not a person who can thrive in negativity. I guess i really am an innocent soul. I guess we should focus on the baby stuff. I started at a very early age as my mother as mentioned to me before that when i was 4 i didnt want to leave nappies and she had a hell of a time trying to break me and they

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