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  1. Oh wow. Nice!
  2. I'm usually chatting with someone on discord every night so if you ever want to chat hit me up. Even if my dot says I'm not. Like now.
  3. You're welcome! I see you active here and on discord. A nube involved with both aspects deserves a nod, I think.
  4. Ah I see. Hope you can crack that one soon. I need to catch up with the story so I'll be able to say whether or not I thought he was more autistic or just disabled.
  5. Does Lulu ever convince Seph to wear an adult nappy? Spoilers lol, maybe they visit a local nursery for AB's?
  6. Cub Out for a bit? It is a Sunday lol.
  7. Oh, man. Writers block sucks. What use to help me is approaching it with a different mindset, go do something else and come back to it later on. You could try that if it helps.
  8. Is it a different story to the one I was reading by you?

    It's better than nothing though, keep at it.
  9. It's ok ^.^ and I'm also doing well, thankies. Having a chill Sunday, looking at Paw Patrol plushies still lol definitely gonna order some on Tuesday. How about you?
  10. Hiya! *waves paw* I'm just doodling some fanart for someone and looking at reffs an such.

    Oh and I tried to read your story you linked but it's gone now could you send it to me again please?

    How's you today?
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About AdorbzLittleGirl
with MGG (in my dreams, at least!)
AB/DL Identity:
Non-ABDL Interests:
Disney Junior, Matthew Gray Gubler, writing, Pokemon, cats and more! (just ask me. :3 I don't bite!)
Asexual, Unsure
Favourite diaper:
I'm not much of a diaper person tbh. ^^
Sweet, funny, hyperactive, autistic, a bit clumsy... just get to know me, and you'll find out! :3
Personal Space:
My name is Kimi, and I am mildly autistic, though it depends on mood. I love to write and also play Pokemon. I am 29, but I often feel more like a four or five year old. I never act my age, and you can often see it when I'm on Skype or in Discord. I also have very severe anxiety, ADHD and possible Dyspraxia. I am unable to hold down a job for various reasons. I am also a fangirl, especially when it comes to Matthew Gray Gubler! He is my bae and hero~ Joe Kelly from the Red Sox is also my bea/hero as well. *_____*

I'm also single, but I am NOT interested in a relationship. I am already mentally dating Matthew Gray Gubler. <3

I forgot to mention that I was born and raised in Maine. I moved to Arizona in my early teens. I really miss being in Maine though. :c

Some of my favorite little things are:

- Snuggling with my snuggle pillow
- Talking to my imaginary best friends
- Watching Disney Junior (and other cartoons)
- Sleeping with a light on
- Eating little foods
- Dressing in cartoon themed clothing
- Talking to her stuffies, snuggle pillow & snuggle blankey
- Carrying around her snuggle pillow

And a whole lot more I can't think of...


"Back in the days, when I was young... I’m not a kid anymore, but some days I sit and wish I was a kid again." - Isabelle by Pierce the Veil


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Sorry for the long hiatus | Updates

by AdorbzLittleGirl on 07-Mar-2018 at 13:38
A lot has happened since my laptop started having problems. However, it's actually improved more... which is what compelled me to start using it again. I also want to tell you guys that I'm no longer into Tom Hiddleston anymore either. My new bae is Matthew Gray Gubler. He is also my hero as well! He's more similar to me, and I can also relate to him much more as well. You guys might know him best as Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds by the way. I also managed to get my hands on a baby pacifier. My

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I have a question for you guys...

by AdorbzLittleGirl on 25-May-2017 at 16:42
Do younger incontinent people get made fun of a lot for being incontinent? I mean, it's gotta be hard for you younger ones to be discreet, right? The reason I ask is because I have some ideas for my MC in my story. After he changes his pull-up (he wears kids pull-ups during the day), someone sees his caretaker tossing a pull-up into the trash, and they basically comment on it. So, his caretaker tells the person that the MC is incontinent. The person than says... "isn't he too young to be incontinent?".

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Reasons why an adult baby/little boy can't leave his abusive father?

by AdorbzLittleGirl on 17-May-2017 at 20:23
I'm trying to figure out reasons why an adult baby/little boy can't leave his abusive father to go live with his best friend instead. The only thing I have thought of was that father was preventing Lulu from leaving perm. or something like that. Lulu is 19. I also thought that maybe Lulu isn't capable of deciding what he should do, but that feels really silly and weird. He does have dyspraxia and ADHD, along with developmental and intellectual delays. It's for this story I'm writing at the moment.

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