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    Just wanted to say HI and miss seeing you on the site!
  2. sorry to keep you waiting.... I'll show you as soon as I get around to it o.o
  3. I actually did a drawing today! with a pencil too, not something done on my ipad. downsides.... it took way too long and it's not colored, and that sorta drives me nuts. plus I just took a picture of it. The scanner is huge, not hooked up, and I dunno where to put it.
  4. I definitely will! Eventually. xD Hopefully soon.
  5. noooooooo

    i'm sorry for the delay, life has had me by the shorthairs recently, lots going on. spent last weekend at a funeral.

    I have been so stressed that I have not had the energy for the adisc forums or the people whom I enjoy messaging with (thats you dummy! =P)

    Please continue being patient with me just a little longer and i will send you the detailed PM you deserve!


    Posted here because your inbox is FULL
  6. Thanks for the accept, wasn't sure if you would ever accept it :P

  7. We really should have a page for it, like we used to have for IRC and team speak (before we switched to Discord).

    Anyways, hope to see you on Discord at some point.
  8. I didn't want to derail the thread, but here's the link for Discord :

    Should be a yellow banner on the top with a link, too, IIRC.
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  10. Thanks for the friend request, I'm surprised we didn't think of doing that sooner. Also wanted to say thank you for your very kind words in that last post. I am humbled.
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I dunno where else to share...

by AdorableRabbit on 22-Jul-2017 at 17:10
My little time with my Wife/Mommy continues to evolve... and I guess I wanna share stuff, not sure where else to talk about it... I didn't get much feedback on my last blog, but not sure where else to post...

Let's see a few updates...

Mommy stayed at vay-cay with my mother in law for a bit longer than I ... I think I already told the story about the diapers in the guest room closet?

Anyhoo I got pretty used to sleeping padded and with a paci. That's

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Babyfood games, and excited to finaly join Mommy on vay-cay!!!

by AdorableRabbit on 01-Jul-2017 at 17:05
My Mommy/Wife ... has gone on vay-cay early with our kiddos to be with her mother for a week. I'm really missing her at this point!

Last thing she did as she was walking out the door, right after hugging and kissing good bye, was to give my backside a little swat and admonish me to "Be good!" ^///^

I've been left in a little-ish mindset all week... just a puddle of a bun...

I mean... some time alone *is* fun - I get to play video games (and

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Time, obssesion, procratination, avoidance...

by AdorableRabbit on 21-Apr-2017 at 15:59
I fall into wasting time too easily, and my "once a day ADISC" routine holds for a few days then falls apart.

I'm going to need to restructure my online time across the board, going to move ADISC to once a week. Not happy about it but don't see a better alternative.

I'll be around, and I still care about ya'll but I need to fix myself some here...

Binging and Purging...

by AdorableRabbit on 27-Mar-2017 at 14:56
ADISC has been a godsend for me, thank you all.

However, these last few months I've also been binging on my time online here. This is not new. I know I can be obsessive and there's been other sites I've become addicted to - checking and posting all day. I've learned to wean myself from them.

Life's gotten more complicated for me at work, and is gonna take up a fair amount of my formerly free time.

This is a good opportunity to rein in my ADISC habit...

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Momento Mori

by AdorableRabbit on 01-Mar-2017 at 17:52
It's Ash Wednesday, so traditionally a time to reflect on one's mortality and how you feel about the way you live your life. It's also the start of Lent, which can be a time to fast from something in order to be more mindful of your relationships and commitments, or as a way to create new habits.

I guess it's the medieval version of new year's resolutions...

This year I find I entered the spirit of the fleetingness of life early. Just a few months ago I took some big

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