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  1. Thank you.
  2. It was yesterday, but thanks anyway!
  3. Accepted (I was away from my computer).
  4. Send another and I'll accept it.
  5. You might check out the website: (Warning, it has auto-play music).
  6. I finally managed to send you a friend request it finally went through after sometime of fighting with the system I gave up and come back to it later to make it work and viola you now have a friend request again thanks for the help with the microwave thing. XD
  7. I have tried sending you a friend request numerous times but the site keeps having me log back in over and over and over every time I click on something and it is just frickin' ridiculous! I will keep trying though until I succeed at sending you one.
  8. Thanks for sticking up for me on the microwave even though in the end it did no good thanks for the help btw I am sending you a friend request.
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Tena Classic, Crinklz, Rearz Safari


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I have a YouTube channel now

by Onesieman on 01-Dec-2018 at 00:44
I have a few short videos on my channel. The quality is not that good, but I'm trying some things. No views on my vids and only one subscriber. Nothing there is ABDL related because I wanna keep that stuff secret. If anyone is interested, look up Sirk Oremuf on YT.

So tired of Thanksgiving

by Onesieman on 19-Nov-2018 at 23:58
I go on thanksgiving break after work tomorrow. I'm completely fine with the extra days off. What I'm sick of is the amount of food I have leftover after that dinner. Its way too much for two people. I'm going to stop having turkey on Thanksgiving once I'm living alone. Family doesn't matter to me because my actual family never comes to visit me. My dad will probably die sometime next year, so the holiday doesn't matter to me anymore.

When my dad eventually dies, I'll be able to

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Now other people know

by Onesieman on 18-Aug-2018 at 14:54
I always wear diaper at work. The main reason for that is I wanna get my work done as soon as possible without having to stop for a bathroom break. And then change whenever I have the time. At work I always throw my wet diapers away in the bathroom trash (I never mess in public unless its a complete accident, which only happened once in public). The janitors eventually put a sign in the bathroom that says "please don't put your dirty diapers in the paper waste can." Then my boss takes

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Back to work soon

by Onesieman on 08-Aug-2018 at 22:49
My summer vacation is now over, so tomorrow and Friday, I'll have to show up early for some job training and next week I'll be back at my regular job as a fry cook. I'm going to be found the same thing as before and now helping out on the front lines. I am so damn ready for work.

There are so many things I have bought during the summer and now have very little money, just enough for 1 case of diapers and my next phone bill. The things I got were a bunch of PS2 & PS3 games, a Wii

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Today's my Birthday

by Onesieman on 18-Jun-2018 at 17:58
Nothing too special, just having the summer off from work, and I'm doing nothing till August. Send me best wishes!
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