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  1. I haven't faced the same logging-out issue others seem to have, but I get what you're saying, no worries.
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    Hey some times we get heated in how we feel your not the only one ok .
    I have seen others that has happened but you know what they gone on to be great posters.
    You can too.
    You still can contribute to others .
    Hugs .
    Gosh I even got a couple of warnings myself lol.
    Any thing that causes heat creates radiation took a radiation safety course we found out if you smoke two packs of cigarettes a day over 30 years.
    That you would shorten your life 3 years by the radiation exposure from the cigarettes. Lol the cancer get's you first.
    So your fine .��
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    Hey, really nice of you to ask. Yeah still around, but my life's been super busy lately and not all that cool and It's been stopping me from having proper little time which is making me kinda down. I log in every night for a look, but I haven't really felt like joining in much. I miss when I was more active on the site. Things might start to chill
    a bit from now so I think I'll try and get on here some more.
    How about you, everything awesome?
  4. Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner I don't find it weird at all
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    Hey, yeah I've been away and kinda busy. So sort of awkward. I've been having a quick check every now and then. I'll be back to it in a week. I am missing playing with my friends
  6. Hah, that's awesome. Hopefully the fix wasn't too crazy.
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    aaaanytime. I can't test myself because I got nothing to upload, plus, nothing is really good on my computer for uploading.
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    Hmm? Uploading pictures should be fine, maybe it's another issue. I would post a request thread about it. I haven't uploaded anything in a looooooooong while.
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    Understandable dude heh heh. But I rarely come on here so you'd be lucky if you catch a conversation with me. Hope you're doing well.
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    lol, ive been fine ^^ how're you? (btw, do you have Skype? You can reach me on there better)
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About BluefireJay05

Basic Information

About BluefireJay05
Florida, USA
AB/DL Identity:
Adult Baby, Diaper Lover, Little
Non-ABDL Interests:
Cooking,Movies,Reading,hanging with friends,and of course being on th internet.
no job right now! need to start fresh!
Favourite diaper:
Goodnites, Pampers, Huggies, Tranquility, I really just have so many favorites!
Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, AB/DL, and I am really a cool guy just trying to find his place in this seriously mixed up world we call home.
Personal Space:
Disclaimer: I want to start off by saying that I try not to be a hypocrite. That the things I say sometimes don't always come out right.

First of all I was a bedwetter as far back as I can remember! since at least four years old it pretty much went on from there experiencing everything including punishments for wetting I even wore goodnites from the age of 8 until I was 10.

I have ADHD even at my age I may also have Asperger's syndrome I am still unsure about this because I still remain undiagnosed! I explain a lot of this in my blogs you can read them if you like.

Yes I am AB/DL I have had these feelings as far back as 15 years old they have not gone away so I just embrace them I started out just buying diapers when I could, I also stole diapers ( I truly regret that!!!)

[b]Updated: 7-25-2015/5:41 p.m.[/b]

I decided to put my likes and interests here because I mentioned this in a blog I did on this day. so here goes:

I like Anime, plenty of Anime like full metal alchemist all of them lupin the third, and ponyo for when I am feeling little, and a bunch more others.

I also like movies, movies, and even more movies I love comics and comic book based movies, you should see the collection I have!

I have a lot more interests but those will be in the things I post about on the site I may even talk about some of them in my blogs be on the look out.

and no to state how I found out about myself and this place. I was lurking around on the internet and finding out all kinds of things about being an AB/DL I did a lot of research over the years and eventually I found this place and have been happy ever since thank you ADISC.


Mid America Little - Check him out on Youtube and support his channel!


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Here is just an update! I still exist. XD

by BluefireJay05 on 1 Week Ago at 19:22
Here is just an update I still exist I have been rather busy working my current job.

I don't know how much longer I will stick with this job, I am in the process of deciding rather or not to do something else of course I am looking at other possibilities for jobs out there if I got hired where I am at now well there is always other "possibilities"

I knw this current job is not going to hold me forever so I must look at other options at least until I can find

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This is NOT the only side of me? #9: Just an update about life, jobs, and......... something new. (a plastic sheet)

by BluefireJay05 on 24-Jun-2017 at 18:58
Well I have not done any of these blogs in quite awhile now I will try to keep it brief and short since this s only an update one.

first my life right now is going pretty decent I have no complaints but a new thing has happen I may have found a job so I am looking forward to that.

just a retail job really nothing special but it is to me means I get to go back to work and making money so I can buy things possibly some ABDL things in the near future.


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Just a quick update. #1

by BluefireJay05 on 23-May-2017 at 05:02
Here is a quick update nothing special but I did update my avatar pic to an old school pull-ups logo I am going to eventually find more old school logos but for now this one will do.

I have also changed my signature it is supporting another quite famous youtuber we all know in the AB/DL community Mid America Little I sure hope he doesn't mind the free advertisement!

This little short blog was just an update pretty much just letting everyone know about the changes I

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This is NOT the only side of me?? #8 I am so excited.... I did some shopping today!

by BluefireJay05 on 05-Feb-2017 at 03:16
Hello to all of you out there again!

First of all let me explain that I helped my dad with a rental property set up a new pipe for a septic tank so he paid me some money.

Today I did some shopping but not just my adult got to go shopping today my little side went with me too.

First off I went to the e-cig store and got me some e-juice for my device then after that I left there I went to wal-mart and bought me a movie I have waited for and wanted for an

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Updated 05-Feb-2017 at 20:46 by BluefireJay05 (Correcting of some spelling errors)


This is not the only side of me?? #7 an update just..... an update

by BluefireJay05 on 26-Jan-2017 at 18:44
Hello out there to the world how is everyone!!!

I am doing just great I hope everyone else is too. anyways moving on..... This is blog #7 in this series finally right well here it is.

I want to go ahead and apologize for any harsh and\or uncensored language used in this blog. I will try to keep things positive.

So as I was saying moving on...... this blog is just an update to let all of you know what I have been doing these past few months nothing special

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