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I DID IT. (Trans post almost blog type thing?)

by AddyShadows on 17-May-2016 at 23:26
So today I had to go see my therapist (Who knows I'm trans n stuff and is cool with it) I went dressed as a girl, skirt, tights, bra, girly shirt, you know the whole getup. First time I went out in a skirt, and only the second time I went out dressed like a girl. I completely passed! No one said anything to me at all cept one dude on the way back to the car who said "morning ladies" to my mom and me.

Most nerve wracking thing ever, I kept thinking people would notice that

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There be korean goodnites here!

by AddyShadows on 13-May-2016 at 07:47
They arrived! ^.^

Keep in mind I am selling some of these! lol

Anyways these are awesome!

Thinking about selling some of the rare diapers I have. . . Anyone interested?

by AddyShadows on 10-May-2016 at 05:36
I need some money. . . and I know what you're all going to say "Get a job" Well I would but I won't get the money I need to pay back my friend soon enough, so I figured I'd sell some of my rarer diapers. . . if anyone is interested. I'd use ebay but gawd I can't figure it out for the life of me. Plus they charge a fee. Simpler if I just sell the items straight up and just ship them to whoever wants them.

The items I'm selling idk if I'll get the money I need to pay back

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Updated 10-May-2016 at 11:42 by AddyShadows


What is wrong with people today?

by AddyShadows on 14-Apr-2016 at 01:54
This is a general rant for the sake of rantness. I figure since no one really reads the blogs I can vent without bothering people who don't want to read it.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THESE DAYS? I swear to god, I give up, I literally give up at dealing with people.

If you're reading this far and wonder what I'm on about, I'll make it simple: I write stories on another website about ponies, some stories I never finished, then I get people literally DEMANDING

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Watching everyone around me succeed. Failing at my own life.

by AddyShadows on 15-Jun-2015 at 14:24
So as some of you may know I dropped out of high school. . . for many reasons, primarily anxiety and the whole truancy thing and all of the details that I won't bore you with. . .

But recently, (and I blame social media for this) I've been more depressed. Why you might ask? I think I have a theory. 2015 was the year my class graduated. Yes, Past tense, I watched everyone i know IRL graduate last Tuesday via facebook. . . It finally hit me, like a train that I've royally fucked my

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