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Dire Situations

by Note on 3 Days Ago at 06:01
One common theme I have noticed across most facets of life is that it's usually considered insensitive to make light of a dire situation. I disagree. I often find when someone does, it doesn't necessarily mean that person (or people) are trying to be insensitive or are oblivious to the nature and/or reality of the situation, but how some deal with it on a more or less personal level. I have this saying, "If I'm not laughing, I'm crying". It's a reminder that the trials and tribulations

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This has been a long time coming

by Note on 30-Jul-2017 at 13:42
Since my patience has reached a state of virtually nill here on ADISC, anyone that is willing to incite drama because of personal feelings will be reported for derailment or on the fast track to my ignore list. I'm open for criticism (if asked for) or civil debate if it doesn't take away from the original discussion, but that's it. I'm tired of the drama, I'm having no more of it.
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