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  1. I finally saw it!
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    Hey. I know this is a late response as it's been a while since I was last here. These past few months have certainly been one hell of a roller coaster ride. Not the best, but certainly better now than a couple months ago. Thanks for asking.
  3. Aw! You ruined the ending! I'm hoping to get a theater gift card for Christmas and maybe see it next Wednesday or Thursday.
  4. You know...Being friends on ADISC I see your comments pop up every time you make a post. Even the "Careful: Spoilers" threads. lol I'm not going to unfriend you I'll just scan your posts quickly for Star Wars before I read them more in depth.
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    I've just given my landlords the notice about the bugs, including the legal heads up. That got their attention, and they seem to have agreed to send the extermination team that uses heat to rout infestations to my unit.

    It's tricky, they think they can get away with anything just because they're HUD, but they blinked (thank God).

    Also, hi.
  6. *Humbled* thank-you... I don't know about "well deserved" though; it is kind'a nice, being back in my old seat... I'm a little different now (hopefully for the better) and, I was hoping to finish out this year, on such a note. My thanks for those who supplied the recognition, too! -Marka
  7. Everything is okay... just school and some other stuff getting in the way, that's all... sorry to worry you...
  8. Thank you! What a relief!
  9. The #YES Vote for gay marriage in Australia won.

    Just thought it'll share this amazing news.

    Results are.

    61.6 per cent in favor and 38.4 per cent against.

  10. Thank you for the friend request Starruner! Happy to see you again! I hope you've been doing well. ♥
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reading, running, science fiction, politics, social justice issues
Advocate for non profit agency
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Depends maximum protection, Tena maxi slip


"I had lost my mind and fallen into my heart"
-Dan Millman


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Note to Myself

by Starrunner on 13-Aug-2017 at 15:04
This morning is the beginning of a new day filled with possibilities. The sun pours across the living room in the early hours and all is quiet.

There are still days when you don't feel at home anywhere, but you can still find peace in these moments. Someone caling you a hypocrite does not make you a hypocrite, just as someone calling you a hero does not make you a hero. Nobody gets to define you except yourself. You find your identity in your own truth. If someone gives you something

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Haunted Places, Hanted People

by Starrunner on 01-Jun-2017 at 14:54
We've all heard stories about ghosts and haunted places. Is it something from our past that won't let go? Is it something that we refuse to let go?

Haunted houses. Haunted places... haunted people. The past sometimes haunts our present, and it can greatly affect our future. Someone breaks or someone dies, and in living with the pain, we learn to live with the ghosts, and when we are ready, we either ask them to leave so that we can move on, or we let them stay. How can the ghosts leave

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Reflections from an older person on gay and transgender rights

by Starrunner on 30-Apr-2017 at 15:04
As some may have noticed, I'be been thinking lately about the differences in the levels of acceptance between gays and lesbians, and the trans community. Despite some of the commonalities in our struggles, I've lived to witness significant differences. Here in Canada, same-sex marriages were legalized a dozen years ago. You can walk down a street in my neighbourhood and see a number of gay couples walking hand-in-hand and no even notices or gives a damn. That's how it should be. At the same time,

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'Have you ever done any self-injury?'

by Starrunner on 30-Mar-2017 at 17:53
I speak to classes several times a year about working in the non-profit sector as an advocate for vulnerable and marginalized people. I was recently asked by a teacher to share my story about surviving suicide and depression and how it shaped my life's journey.

There's never been a problem in admitting I have suffered severely from depression, and spent years dealing with alcoholism, isolation and self-pity before I began finding my way.

"Were you a cutter?"

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Bullying and Finding Forgiveness

by Starrunner on 24-Aug-2016 at 16:08
It's always interesting to me to see see what brings people to this site: for some of us it is simply a place for people to meet online and chat about a harmless fetish For others, however, it can be a place to open up and talk about our past (or present) and share our pain. I think ABDLism has been a strong coping mechanism for many of us who suffered from bullying, familial abuse, or feeling different and isolated. There are so many of us who have been damaged or hurt long before we arrived here.

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