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  1. You ever go to a munch out here? Or any kind of abdl meet ups?
  2. Hey I live in monroe nc.. Where do you live Asheville or Waynesville.. that's about as far west as I could think..
  3. Gevamna, "The best thing you can do is find your voice" I sure appreciate what you've found! Wishing you well! -Marka
  4. Hello Gevamna, I also enjoy the study of metaphysics and the mysteries. If you want to chat sometime, I'd love to hear your views on the subject.

    Just send me a PM if you want. Wholeness and balance to you.
  5. Really? Skyward Sword is the only 3D Zelda I've ever been able to beat o.O I think Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are the worst when it comes to confusion.
  6. Love your sig. A Perfect Circle is my favourite band <3
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    likewise sir
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    I appreciate the offer, but it would probably end up being a total pain and waste of time for you. Currently I am just using sampled drums which sound fine and mix into what I am doing well so getting drum tracks really isn't the problem, it's just brutal trying to add the dynamic human element or make sections that are custom and unique on the fly.

    So in short I do have good sounding drum tracks, they're just pretty cookie cutter. What I really need is a more or less full band to work with. Anyway I am mostly just doing this off and on as a hobby and I am not aiming to really go anywhere with it. I just want to have accomplished something in my life so atleast one unique and professional album is something I am working towards, slowly.

    Nice avatar, Tool is awesome.
  9. Have you read the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court? It's from that; a depiction of Coyote.
  10. Hey there, thanks dude! I guess it helps not to feel alone. Sorry to hear you've got Crohn's disease too. Crohn's sucks above all since you're kinda young, but don't worry, you're probably going to do much better soon. My big flare up lasted a year and a half then it started to go better. It makes about one year now that I'm back to normal. Take care and keep smiling!
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North Carolina, USA
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Diaper Lover
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See below.
Surveying, Drumming
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Plastic-backed Abena M4
Psychic warfare is real.
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Just a dude who has always loved diapers. Hoping to meet a girl who has had a similar lifelong interest. Recently baptized Christian, drummer, callligrapher, language-learner (Russian and Italian atm), PUBG-er, and a no-bullshit guy trying to find his center.


O human race, born to fly upward, wherefore at a little wind dost thou so fall?


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Diapers as an addictive coping mechanism.

by SwinginPendulum on 02-Jul-2018 at 06:04
I was baptized and confirmed a Catholic this past Easter, and I've intended mostly for God to help me move through my own mental and spiritual obstacles to becoming at peace with myself. It's been a rough journey with all sorts of facets within my life, but as far as diapers go, I've been praying to God, why do I have this? Why is it so strong in me?

I've believed that it's just me. That my attraction to diapers is natural, and that it was natural to happen that way. And especially

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Oh boy...

by SwinginPendulum on 31-Aug-2014 at 07:13
My, what a month it's been.

For one thing, my last blog about "overstepping my boundaries" is basically out of sight and out of mind. I've simply stopped talking to the girl. I got another perspective on it from a friend, and she said that this girl had no right to boot me out of her life like that, and that the relationship I was trying to form was very unhealthy. It's a long and complex explanation, but it boils down to the fact that this girl has no soul.

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I've overstepped my boundaries

by SwinginPendulum on 21-Jul-2014 at 05:50
I've been trying to get to know this one girl that I met from a spiritual community sometime back in February, and I've come to see that she is a very interesting and unique individual. Even though she enjoys thrashing about to death metal, she is at heart a little timid. I love her to death.

She has really bad nightmares on occasion, and she tells them to me with vivid detail, and to be frank they do sound terrifying. She is worried about why the hell she has these nightmares, as

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by SwinginPendulum on 19-Mar-2014 at 05:51
I don't know why I chose to call this blog "hard-and-fast"...kinda just came to me.

I'm going to talk about something that I irrationally feel a little ashamed or embarrassed about, but that might be a little less convoluted by the time this blog is over. I'm going to talk about... *drum roll* ...sexual abuse!

(Please excuse my awful attempt to ease the tension with a drum roll...)

Really though, it's not a joke. I may...or may NOT...have found

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Updated 19-Mar-2014 at 06:13 by SwinginPendulum



by SwinginPendulum on 08-Jan-2014 at 01:33
I've dealt with anxiety for a while, but only recently has it been mostly alleviated. I spent Christmas with a part of the family that I was basically separated from for years, and there was a really bad cold silence between us all. But, as my oh-so-gracious niece has explained, she chose to get over her anger toward us and to bond with us again...which is wonderful, but there were some discrepancies that concerned me and honestly pissed me off.

Let me explain. On my mom's side, I

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