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  1. You need an account. It's the best way to communicate, and ADISC has their own page on Discord for everyone to talk!
  2. CuddleWoozle, are you on Discord?
  3. Cool new avatars!
  4. God I hope I dont sound like a creep but-
    You commented about a mans suit and I was wondering, could you tell me about it?
  5. Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say: You make me happy^^ Every time I see one of your posts, I can't help but smile (and giggle, oftentimes)
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    I love your drawing style!
    wish I could pull it off.
  7. Are you into cars?
  8. I know. XD It's been a long time since I've come around. For a while I was hanging out at various babyfur centric sites, but they've all gone.

    Well, not gone, but leaving much to be desired for my little side. XD
  9. Wow I haven't heard from you in years, welcome back!
  10. I be the sneakiest and cheekiest foxiest of foxxes my little cuddly woozly wiggly worm. x3

    In fact, that's your nickname from now on, the wiggly worm
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Babyfur, Incontinent
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I love all things cute! I love playing video games, reading books and collecting interesting items.
It involves tires. Lots of tires.
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A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men.
-Willy Wonka


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by CuddleWoozle on 21-Jul-2011 at 04:38
I think I regressed the other day. No one else was home so I went out padded and made myself a bowl of rice krispies. Then I went in the living room and turned Looney Tunes on the big screen TV, sat on the couch and started eating.

A Road Runner cartoon came on and I just started cracking up. Normally I like them, but I haven't laughed like that at Wile E. Coyote in a long long time. I realized at about this point that I was holding the spoon in my fist like a little kid might.

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I've finally got my Pacis!

by CuddleWoozle on 24-Feb-2011 at 18:35
All I can say it WOW! So far I like both types I got, but I like the nipple on the Avent and the shield on the MAM. I'm trying to resist sucking them for right now...I'm going to wait until everyone is settled for the night and I know no one will come barging in. My door is somewhat broken and if they push hard it will pop open. (I have yet to figure out how to fix it. )

And the box didn't even say anything on it related to Toys R Us. It's just a plain brown box with the

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My stuff has shipped finally...

by CuddleWoozle on 23-Feb-2011 at 01:35
And it looks like it's all coming in one box. There's only one tracking number, which should mean only one package. (Otherwise there would be a unique number for each box, which is probably obvious to everyone.)

It's supposed to come by Thursday. Now I'm just excited because I want it to hurry. I'll be watching the tracking like crazy. XD

Ooooogh...I did it.

by CuddleWoozle on 19-Feb-2011 at 19:12
I got some money and I spent some of it on some things I've been wanting for a while.

I got myself a Lite Brite and an Etch a Sketch. <3 Coloring Books and everything. I used the excuse that I wanted more papers for my Lite Brite (which I do) to order from Toys R Us/Babies R Us. I got two refill packets for my Lite Brite and I threw in two packs of pacifiers and a set of rattles. I'm SERIOUSLY hoping that it's all small enough to come in one box and that the box will say "Toys

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Am I?

by CuddleWoozle on 08-Jan-2011 at 21:54
I've been sick lately, with all the nasty sneezing/coughing, runny nose and trouble breathing that comes with it.

The terrible thing is that when I cough/sneeze I pee myself. I thought that was a form of IC, so I went looking up info and apparently it is, but usually in women way older than myself.

And on top of that, if I so much as hear the trickle of water I have to go pee. Right away or I'll embarrass myself.

I'm posting this as a blog because

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