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  1. How you going little one

    I'm not sure if you've heard the news, i'm 3 months HRT
  2. Hi giggles do the abu lavenders smell pampers fresh?
  3. I am doing good thanks. :3
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    Hey there Muffinz
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    I've seen you playing final fantasy.
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    My day was very good and I get some courage to be myself these day, thank you for replying Giggle girl!
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    Hello Giggle, how you been, today?
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    Nothing, thank you for accepting friend request, I've seen you're great girl here.
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    Hello giggle!
  10. Glad to seeing you here now, have a nice day!
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ABU Lavenders
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When I was about 13 years old, I started to feel unhappy with my place in the world. While my peers were getting all excited about finally becoming the min-adults that they always wanted to be, I started to get filled with a sense of dread about it all.

I started dabbling in age regression around this time and found it a very effective way to not only boost my mood but as I grew older I found it helpful for my mental health.

This is my primary interest in this subject. When I turned 18 I started wearing diapers mostly as a part of my "age regression" toolbox and anytime I use it's for that primary purpose. I often feel a bit out of place around here. Diapers if anything are not high on my list of play things while they seem to be the main thing for many. I prefer a good dolly, if I'm being honest. Somehow cost lest and they don't go right in the trash.

ABU Lavender's are adorable on me, though, it's true. ♥

Happy to be a kid forever. ♥



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To those that it may concern, (you!)

by gigglemuffinz on 05-Jul-2016 at 15:00
Hey there!

Yep, it's that gigglemuffinz.

I decided I should probably post one of these thingies where I can answer questions you may have.

Going to quickly cover the main stuff, feel free to ask any more in comments or also just shower me with attention.

A. Who are you!?

I dunno.

No, just kidding. I'm gigglemuffinz your new best friend, or your old long lost friend. Whichever? Both? ♥

1. Why

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Updated 05-Jul-2016 at 18:34 by gigglemuffinz


Arietta's LG Toys: Pink Pac-Man Ghost Plush

by gigglemuffinz on 14-Oct-2014 at 18:01
Yeah.. right after I decided "Oh, I don't get much non-LG toys I can totally label this my LG toys what do I get? A toy that's not exactly on topic but not off topic either" oh well. It's not off-topic anyway.

Today the mommykitty came home with a pink PAC-MAN ghost for me. I told her that I thought the pink and blue ghosts and the PACMAN were cute. They are styled like old-fashioned and stuff.. which I really like.

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Updated 14-Oct-2014 at 18:01 by gigglemuffinz (Video link I did incorrectly)


ADISC fueled nightmare~

by gigglemuffinz on 13-Oct-2014 at 11:46
I have to share this. It's too perfectly could have been a dark version of one of the stories I see written around here not to share. I had a nightmare and when I woke up the first thing I thought was.. welp, better share with ADSIC.

I'm blaming you all for this. Also a warning that this might seem a bit scary (I doubt it though it was mostly just scary because I was experiencing it) to people who dislike forced mental age regression / have a fear of needles.

In the

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Arietta's LG Toys: New Strawberry Shortcake Doll!

by gigglemuffinz on 12-Oct-2014 at 19:19
Hey everyone! Some might know this about me but I.. I love toys. A lot. I'm especially in love with anything that has Strawberry Shortcake, Lalaloopsy, or Sofia the First on it.

Since I get so many things, I thought.. why not blog about the new toys I got?

So I'm one of the biggest fans of Strawberry Shortcake I know. I love the 80's stuff. I loved the second generation Strawberry Stuff that came out in the early 2000's, and it's what brought me into the series. I

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LONG RANT: Dream..

by gigglemuffinz on 11-Mar-2013 at 20:28
This is a long chaotic rant about a dream I Had.. I don't want to forget it for some reason.. but anyway I'm basically going to type down details as I remember them. This isn't organized at all. I need to write it out and then do lots of things, I might clean it up later.


I had another odd dream. For starters I was a little girl, like I tend to usually be in my dreams that I'm myself.. since that's.. well, besides the point but anyway. I actually wasn't exactly

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