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Strange days

by Crassi on 06-Dec-2012 at 19:19
I think I've had a couple of... interesting days now. Yes. Well worth writing about, at the very least. So, what evil has befallen me?

You see, I had an exam yesterday, quite a big one at that! It was about developmental psychology, and we started writing at 2PM sharp. It's a good time to start it, since then we've had time to eat, prepare a bit and all that. Makes the test all the more enjoyable. Nevertheless, I think I nailed it, yay me. But, then things started to go iffy.

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This is really happening! (2)

by Crassi on 26-Nov-2012 at 01:07
First off, this is a follow-up post to my previous one, called "A risk worth taking (1)". For those of you who didn't bother to read it (don't worry, I still love you guys), it was about me being romantically interested in a girl from my class, who I have all reason to believe is also interested in me. I'm pretty smart and all that. Still, I wrote in the post that I am going to ignore my previous ideals and actually pursue this thing - or at the very least go with it and see where I end

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A risk worth taking (1)

by Crassi on 17-Nov-2012 at 19:09
I'm not usually a risk-taker, honestly speaking. I shy potential risks, even though the gain might be ever so tasteful. Right now I'm describing the normal me, yes, but there are exceptions, a few very notable ones. But in most cases, I'd just follow my head and its reasoning - that's what's worked best this far.

"What about what your heart tells you!?"

- Cute little romantic

Oh, cute little romantic, you're adorable. I love you in a non-serious

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‹bermensch - The pinnacle of human evolution

by Crassi on 20-Oct-2012 at 02:34
"God is dead and the Superman shall be his successor."

The ‹bermensch.

Now we're getting somewere. Right. This may be the blog entry that makes a whole lot of readers hate me. Or at the very least I have my own hopes, I can assure you that. I have done this blog once or twice before, never here though. I always rewrite them thoroughly, and I always post them in different languages. Of course, I never know where to begin though. Shall I start by giving a short

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Joined Mensa

by Crassi on 07-Oct-2012 at 00:43
So yeah, I took the test a little more than a month ago, and it turns out I did fairly well at it. Turns out I did much more than needed to to join this little peculiar organisation, so that I did. I'm not really here to discuss Mensa as an organisation, or really anything about the ethics involved in it. It's easy to condemn and if so, I wouldn't really blame any of you for it. It's an oddity.

I guess I'm just feeling a bit bored tonight, and I haven't really received the proper

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