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    Hey. PLease read your pm. It's fine if you don't want anything to do with me anymore but I just wanted to try to clear things up anyway
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    Whoops! I tend to forget about that sometimes... fixed now!
  3. eyy saw that you were new to MtG in your profile, what kinda decks do you run? :3 (Sorry a bit of an odd question but I enjoy knowing what others play with)
  4. Yoooooooo smelly Noodle what up
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    *pokes a Noodle* Hey! How have things been in sunny California?
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    Ah yeah Pian mentioned the Molicares! Kudos on the shopping spree ^^ Molicares are not bad for casual short-term use. But you better have a caretaker checking on you regularly and making sure that they don't leak. Else I'd definitely recommend something more performant, better if with a boodster. I actually left some Abri-Let boosters there, feel free to use them to give your 24/7s the right amount of poof
    When SSDs start having read/write issues it's better to make them a funeral unless the data you're storing on them is not important, in which case you can wait for their natural death xD
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    I wouldn't risk using a defective HDD, the mechanical ones now sell for so cheap!
    Pian told me that you didn't get to try out your 24/7s yet tho! I bet they'll still be there next time I come over xD
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    Me and Pian actually watched Maze Runner together, sooo jelly you got to watch the sequel with her! Isn't movies and fox snuggles the best combo ever? :3
    What was wrong with the PC? Always good to get broken things back running in any case! ^^
    My job is just a lil weird, you get weeks where hardly anything happens and then all of a sudden multiple events just pop up on top of each other, hence the crazy weeks...
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    *Noms on the Dancing Sandwich* ... *Feels it dancing in his stomach* O.O
    I'm good, just been superbusy with work in the last weeks, how about you? I heard you and the fox had some awesome movie times together!
    *keeps nerding around*
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    I love your avatar! >u< Persona is one of my favorite series, hehe. Are you also a fan? o:
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About Noodle

Basic Information

About Noodle
Los Angeles, California
AB/DL Identity:
Diaper Lover
Non-ABDL Interests:
TCG, Films, Music, Video Games
College Student
Favourite diaper:
ABU Kiddos
Dont Let Your Dreams Die Before Theyre Even Born!
Personal Space:
~Noodle's Self Explanation and Stuff~
*Welcome to my profile, if the big bolded name hasnt tipped you off yet, my name is Noodle. I joined our loving and odd community on the year 2010 making me a 6 year old member meaning I should be able to help you in the ins and outs of this place but if you aren't new then hey you learned something, I guess?

AB/DL Info:
- Started around 6-7th grade and till now have mostly been into just wearing/using diapers. Due to my small stature I was lucky to still properly wear Size 5-7 diapers nice and snug like during my first years in the community but now a days, while still small, I have grown enough to merit upgrading to Goodnites and actual Youth/Small Adult Diapers. I'm not much of a AB even though I have it as part of my description. While I do see myself as childish, or others tend to do most of the time, I feel I've yet to meet someone who I can say I wouldn't mind seeing as a parental figure so I keep to myself in that aspect.

- Personally I see myself as an outgoing and active person and I have reason to do so. I'm highly energetic and generally a VERY talkative person. I have no problem talking to complete strangers about anything though when it comes to staying at home almost nothing will force me to go out unless it can peel my eyes away from my current gaming addiction.

I keep myself busy with school and work with some TCG [New to MTG and Long Time YGO Player] in real life. Even though it takes an interesting event or enticing invite to get out of my house I do tend to be more out and about as to not kill my brain of the boredom that I've been inflicting on it x-x;

If you ever wanna chat or just say Hi! Drop Me a Visitor Message or send me a Private Message :D I hope we can become good friends!


Live your life without worrying about the judgement of others, just be yourself and have fun doing it!


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