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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#547

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Little Boy...
I keep flipping from one mode to another.
Not necessarilly under conscious control.
Today I was in "Adult mode" while outside in my yard raking up and hauling away fallen leaves.
That was in the morning.
In the afternoon I regressed into "not toilet trained" Little Boy Mode before and during naptime.
Then after my naptime I have been in "Adult Mode" all evening.
Been quietly watching TV online on my computer.
For the last 90 minutes, I have been undressed and wearing nothing but my adult diaper and a t-shirt.
In one of my hands I am clutching one of my little Matchbox toy trucks.
I am quietly playing with it.
Playing quietly alone by myself makes me feel happy.
I am a Little boy.
I am an Adult.
It depends upon time of day and place.
My Inner Child is cognitively fused on the outside.

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