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Back to work soon

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My summer vacation is now over, so tomorrow and Friday, I'll have to show up early for some job training and next week I'll be back at my regular job as a fry cook. I'm going to be found the same thing as before and now helping out on the front lines. I am so damn ready for work.

There are so many things I have bought during the summer and now have very little money, just enough for 1 case of diapers and my next phone bill. The things I got were a bunch of PS2 & PS3 games, a Wii U for $40, a few more skylanders, and a couple of switch games. I've also have gotten interest in LGBTQ a little. I'll throw on a dress/skirt or tights whenever I'm alone occasionally (no bras, though).

I also have plans next month once I get paid again, I'll be able to pre-order Super Mario Party, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate all on Switch. Maybe I'll order Mario Party 1-10 on EBay in October. That's all I have on my mind right now.

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