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How I became an Adult baby: 1997 - 2017

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Hi, if you're reading this, then I guess you are wondering a common question within the community: "How did you become an AB/DL?".
To my memory, it all started when I was a young child. I remember my parents trying to transition me into Potty training, and I remember crying, and trying to hide my diapers. I guess that should have been a bit of an indicator.

Years passed, and when I was about 10(?) I found this website. I made an account, and posted horrible stories. I ended up getting banned.

I remember when I was in 8th grade, I had a friend, Noah, who was also a tb/dl. We ended up dating for a bit, but it did not work out. By that point, I knew that I was a TB/DL. By the time 10th grade came up, I realized that I was not like many other people, and a close friend, Tim, and I talked about it. I realized I was Asexual, meaning that I don't have sexual urges to people. That was a bit weird, because I still liked guys, but not sex.

Years passed, and I graduated High school, and moved from Florida to Alabama. I was dating a guy in Alabama. It did not work out due to the lack of sex, and because I was too shallow. I got kicked out the January of the next year, and moved in with a close friend. I met Tommy that following April. I went back home after my friend betrayed me, and I lived with my parents for about a year, and got a job as a financial adviser for Equifax. I bought diapers, and sippy cups, and baby lotion. My parents found out about my AB/DL habits at this point, and I had to talk about it. I'm now living with my boyfriend/ Daddy: Tommy.

Now I guess the rest if for future parts.

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