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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

Thinking about diving into the dating pool again…

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I have a splitting cluster headache and can't feel part of my right hand, so if I make typing mistakes, that's why.

So, check this out:

There's a guy. I would run into him at the bus stop coming home from work. He works at the Friday's across the highway from where I used to work. And he…is sprung over me. Like, completely bonkers. In fact, he has admitted it. He's even said he likes the fact that I've put on a little weight. And he likes the fact that I've got a, uh, substantial butt.

Hell, he veered into flat out body worship.

And to be honest? I'm kinda feeling it.

He's kinda cute, if I'm being honest, and he takes more interest in what I'm doing than either of my exes did. And he's genuinely interested in me.

I might give him a shot.

You know, when I'm not dealing with a two-day headache.

If I have this headache tomorrow I'm going into the urgent care center for a toradol shot.
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