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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#487

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Today my younger brother took me out shopping again to not feel cooped-up here at home.
Purchased another 16-count package of Kleenex Huggies for Adults (DEPEND).
At the Walmart, I did purchase another "new" baby toy to play with at nap and bed times.
Slowly, I am rebuilding my "Adult Baby Space" here in my new bedroom.
Baby Toys
LEGO Brick Sets
Matchbox and Hot Wheels Toy Cars & Trucks
Plastic Army Men
NERF Toy Guns
Limited space, therefore, I can not go "hog wild" with buying lots of toys and baby items.
At most, 1 more Baby Bottle to drink water from at nap and bed times.
Sorry, no room in my bedroom for "Big NERF Guns", just "NERF Pistols".
No room for what I used to have for "Big Toy Trucks" before moving here to Derry, NH.
Next week, I plan upon purchasing a nice "PAW PATROL" twin-sized blankie to go with my PAW PATROL Comforter, and my new PAW PATROL bed sheets.
Still sleeping on the floor.
New mattress and box spring set has not arrived yet.
But, I am managing to sleep okay here in my bedroom.
I am feeling happy.

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