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Adjustment, or Temperance

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Yes, that is the name of a tarot card that I used for the name of this entry.

Today was another day of errands. It was a Monday, however, so things were bound to go wrong somewhere: my reusable grocerybag went missing, and along with it, a goodly sized handful of bus tickets. As a result, I had to spend a good amount of the money that I made freelancing on replacing the tickets.

Beaten down by the cleaning that I did on Sunday, I decided that refilling my painkiller had waited long enough, and I got those pills. My legs feel like salted meat, and have not recovered.

The friend who was using me for labor and unpaid caretaker work has moved out of that house, into a county that was so racist that the student body of its sole high school once drove out the only black student with its racist badgering. I…honestly don't know if I'll ever visit that house. It's far away and the only way out is at the mercy of Uber. And she's burned quite a few bridges. Like, you wouldn't believe the kinds of thing she has done that we've all put up with. I only feel confident venting here because there is /no possible way/ that she knows about this particular blog—she has no idea I'm a DL, or dealing with incon issues.

We're cleaning the mess that was left of the house now. It's quite the work, and the entire energy of the house is different. It's quite the adjustment. The friend who owns it is…you wouldn't believe how much happier he is. He's radiant, almost. No, not almost.

It is strange being in the middle of this situation. I would like to keep both of them as friends, but, uncovering the things that I am, I have trouble keeping up with both at once.

For now, I shall sleep on it.
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