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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#485

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Coming up on half past 9:00 at night and I am undressed for bed and in nothing but my diaper and socks.
I turned off my air-conditioner, because it was making my bedroom here at home too cold.
Yes, I am "wet".
On my computer I have been watching TV online via Hulu.
Today has been watching Cop/Crime Dramas day.
Now switching to watching Science documentaries online.
Tomorrow will be watching toddler-appropriate TV programs.
Anyway, all day today I have stayed home.
Tomorrow my younger brother is taking me out food shopping.
Depending on how I feel, I am either a grown-up or a helpless less than one year-old diaper baby or a little 5 year-old boy, still in diapers because I have not mastered toilet training as a person with lifelong physical and developmental disabilities.
Time for "floor time" to bunny and crawl like a baby here in my bedroom from 10:00 PM until Midnight when I will go to bed.
Being disabled with Mild Cerebral Palsy, I bunny and crawl better than I can walk.
I honestly truly feel like a baby every evening before bedtime and just after I wake up every morning when I bunny and crawl on all-fours using my arms and hands, and my spastic Cerebral Palsy affected legs.
Babies either lie in their cribs or at most, they bunny and crawl on all-fours and they do not stand and walk until about a year old.
In real life, I did not start to stand and take my first steps until around after I was 18 months old.
Yes, I was "late" due to Mild Cerebral Palsy.
Even at age 3, I needed some support to walk any great distance.
Well, time to be a 9 month-old, bunnying and crawling on the floor.

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