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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#457

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A quiet day, albeit in a Motel.
All our stuff is loaded on the moving truck.
Waiting for the final closing of the "contract" to complete the sale of our house, and pay off the entire cost of our new place up in Derry.
Right now, my brother is sleeping in "his" bed here at the Motel.
Yes, it is early evening.
My brother's Realtor, and his Lawyer have had to "torque the screws" on the other party to "finish the contract".
Hopefully we will move into our new place tomorrow on Wednesday or at the latest, Thursday.
My brother and I have been tired of being jerked-around, since we have kept up our part of the sales contract for the sale of our old family home.
I did have a nice afternoon nap earlier.
Yes, I held my "Princess Twilight Sparkle" little plush beanie baby plushie close to my heart.
Also here in the Motel room, I have my pet Guinea Pig, Ernestina, here to comfort me.
She is fine.
I have her in her travel carrier.
Her big cage is in the moving truck and will be unloaded and placed in our new kitchen in the new house trailer in Derry.
Her place is in the kitchen.
As to were I am putting my dirty diapers, I am dumping them into the small trash bin in the bathroom here in our Motel room.
My diaper pail is loaded in the moving truck.
Not much else to report.
Anyway, on my laptop computer I have been watching documentaries to entertain myself.

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