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  1. Home made Damson cider ( DIAPER FUEL )

    Last summer i made many wines and had a whole damson tree to use so after the wines i used the last damson plums to make a Damson Cider of which i just tried the first pint...WOW its great and judging by my head its strong tooMy favourit is Bramble wine,Whats your best home?
  2. Nappy wearing sissy school girl?

    My mum used to say she wished i was a girl as i grew up so i think i wanted to aswell to please her and now my wifes gone i feel comforted by dressing up as one,i no longer wish to be a girl but its nice to pretend when alone at night it helps my depresion too,am i just a sad old incontinent git?

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  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#416

    Today I facilitated the local Asperger's Syndrome Adult Support Group.
    One of my Aspie friends brought me to the meeting venue and back home again.
    I also had a nice nap in the late afternoon from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.
    In the late evening, I did watch a little bit of "Paw Patrol", along with a documentary on a forensic analysis of Egyptian Pharoh, Tutankhamon.
    He died of a massive infection from a broken hip, post Epileptic Seizure, according to the latest forensic ...
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