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  1. Peeing my diaper never felt so nice

    I was walking to the 24 hour Asda store to get milk for a cup of Tea slipping and slidding on frozen snow,freezing cold when my bladder under pressure from the cold made me stop and i beggan to pee the sudden warmth spreading in my Nappy felt so good all the hair on my body stood up,soggy and warm
  2. Im not gay but my boy friend is......

    Did you hear about the girl who got her vibrator stuck?
    Shes on the Clit tickle list.

    Whats your best joke?

    Make us laugh untill we wet ourselfs Nappies and Diapers at the ready..........q

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  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#417

    As usual, a quiet Sunday.
    I always have my afternoon naptime.
    Before my nap I watched "My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic" and "Paw Patrol".
    In the evening I have been watching documentaries.
    Since it is coming up on 11:00PM, I am mostly in "Little Boy Mode".
    I am quietly playing with a diecast Skid-Steer Loader.
    Yes, I am wearing nothing but my diaper and a t-shirt.
    Yes, my diaper is very wet.
    I am on all fours on the ...
  4. Home made Damson cider ( DIAPER FUEL )

    Last summer i made many wines and had a whole damson tree to use so after the wines i used the last damson plums to make a Damson Cider of which i just tried the first pint...WOW its great and judging by my head its strong tooMy favourit is Bramble wine,Whats your best home?
  5. Nappy wearing sissy school girl?

    My mum used to say she wished i was a girl as i grew up so i think i wanted to aswell to please her and now my wifes gone i feel comforted by dressing up as one,i no longer wish to be a girl but its nice to pretend when alone at night it helps my depresion too,am i just a sad old incontinent git?

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