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  1. Zero Dark Rambles: Camp Nanowrimo

    (to the tune of the Salute Your Shorts theme)

    Camp Nanowrimo
    We hold you in our hearts
    And when we think about you

    Well actually, the writing is going pretty well. My protagonists have met each other. The Empress is already fascinated by the Oracle, the Emperor is out of commission, the staff is freaking out, and as usual the Alchemists' guild is blowing shit up.

    I started a couple of days late, but I ...
    Tags: diary, writing
  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#431

    This afternoon I did go out to quietly play in the backyard with one of my NERF toy guns for a while.
    I had to go back inside when it started to rain.
    At least I took some time to play.
    I did go into the shed in the backyard and I retrieved my 2 NERF swords, my NERF Axe, and NERF dagger.
    Plus I retrieved 2 other NERF toy guns I will keep.
    The rest will be "downsized".
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