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  1. Properly diapered!

    Yesterday I figured out a way of extending the tapes on mt teen size diapers using Micropore tape, so i suppose i was wearing a proper diaper for the first time since resuming DL life. Wore it in bed, but still wore underpants over it in case there was an emergency in the middle of the night.

    Woke up dry in the morning with an uncomfortably full bladder. Felt disappointed I hadn't wet in the night. I went to the toilet then because of peeing in the diaper because there wasn't time ...
  2. I hate panic attacks

    It starts with a vague panic, and the walls close in, and I don't know what to do.

    It's been five months since my doctor took me off the panic disorder medication.

    I did the only thing I could think of last night I hastily put on a diaper and grabbed a plushie, before curling into a ball. I stayed that way for about an hour.

    The panic spells are big, but not as frequent as they could be. ...of course I admit that if I'd been anywhere else an ambulance ...
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