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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#521

    Another quiet and mostly uneventful Monday.
    My younger brother took me out grocery shopping at the Super Walmart here in Derry, NH.
    Other than food, I only purchased (1) Hot Wheels toy car for my collection.
    I can only purchase toys that are quite small and do not take up much space.
    I did not watch any children's TV programs today.
    I watched "Cop Shows".
    I admit experiencing some depression related to having no control over my bladder ...
  2. Today was a good day.

    I got a lot of things done today.
    I repaired a Vizio TV. = $
    I learned the people on bad caps forum are pretty mean.
    Published this app on the Google Play store "Babyfur Memory Game."
    I've been sleeping a lot better lately, trying to remove the M.C. Chris albums from my brain and replace it with $SUICIDEBOY$.

    Anyway. I really need to meet more locals. For some reason in Texas, everything is in Dallas or Austin.
    Send me a PM if you are in ...
  3. what are these walls doing here anyways

    its funny, you wake up one morning and think to yourself. Time for a change(metaphorically). So you strap on your boots and make some calls and decide to take control of your life. You go on your way but what do you find? For me i found nothing, im still me and even more miserable.

    Life is a cruel joke, the irony in everything is astounding. I came back to my old hometown to re-find myself and start fresh. Well what happened was rape, stress, loneliness, and depravity. People i use ...
  4. where r u all from

    [QUOTE=PaddedInPuyallup;1548247][QUOTE=quietcutie;1548235]Yelm WA. nice place. Alot of meth though[/QUOTE]

    Hey not too far from me in Puyallup, WA[/QUOTE]
    been to state fair 8 times
  5. i guess i should make this more regular

    Its been 2 weeks now after fully accepting this. And things in my life are normalizing. Stressors still present but im keeping it together now more than ever. I find i can finally be more talkative at work and more outgoing. Why did i deny myself this for so long?

    I know why, im damaged piece of shit who never understood what unconditional love was because his parents were neglectful. I lost out on alot of life lessons because either A: was locked in my room all the time or B: was ...
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