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  1. The Truth about Dealing with Adult Diapers

    The new generation think twice before applying anything . Whether it’s a cosmetic, apparels, or nappies. A slight doubt in their mind makes the product slip from their list.

    One such popular product that stands on adults priority list is the DIAPERS. And, there are oodles of obvious reasons, which led to these doubts related to absorbent nappies.

    So, if you’re also one of these adults, do consider the following truths about dealing with diapers.

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  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#440

    My day has been a long one.
    Anyway, it is after Midnight and it is now Thursday.
    I spent most of my day down in Boston, MA.
    I needed to meet with a client of the non-profit organization I volunteer with which assists adults with Asperger's Syndrome with employment.
    I then attended an important disability civil rights organization meeting.
    I got down there via bus, from where I live here in Salem, NH.
    My younger brother dropped me off at the bus depot and picked ...
  3. Nope, no idea.

    I decided to tell my doctor about my bladder issues—the frequency, the urges, the weird CONSTRICTED sensation, the accidents. And—

    We've found nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    We agree that there's a situation, but we can't find the cause. Our best guess is a medical interaction made the existing problem worse.

    So I'm supposed to just keep up what I'm doing and report back if anything else goes fucky.

    I'm due back in June.
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  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#439

    There has been heavy rain and howling winds all day long today on Monday.
    I have been stuck indoors at home today.
    I have performed some house chores.
    My younger brother had a couple friends over to assist him with "downsizing" and getting rid of unneeded stuff.
    I left him and his lady friends alone to do that.
    I am downsized as it is.
    All I own is here in my bedroom.
    Anyway, I am quietly playing with some of my LEGO Bricks.
    I need some quiet ...
  5. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#438

    My Sunday has been quiet.
    As always at 11:00 PM, I have taken my daily medications.
    I will note that the package of DEPEND diapers for "Big Boys" and "Big Girls" has a few diapers that are defective.
    The defect is that the "Left Corner" of the diapers got trimmed at a 45 degree angle and made the topmost left diaper tape, effectively useless to secure the diaper at the waist.
    To salvage the defective diapers, I will use some tape to replace the ...
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