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  1. Continuing my journey into incontience.

    So a month back or so I posted in the incontinence forum about my final desicision on diapers See "Moving to and moving on with 24/7 wearing and using" for full intro details.

    Anyway I'm just over 3 months into this transition and I have to say I've no regrets so far, in fact, even with the challenges my decision presents my everyday life I feel much better and overall happier then I ever have before.

    My bladder control is non existant for day or night, and ...
  2. From Headaches to Pacifiers: I have had another stressful week with more turmoil on the way!

    Hi Everyone,

    I hope you all are doing ok. I have been dealing with the almighty midterms and they caught me in full swing last week. That would be fine if I was able to decompress as a little afterwards, but unfortunately I didn't have time between running errands for mom this weekend and being stressed out that midterms are being spread out over three weeks. I also got a notification of a new huge assignment that is due in two weeks. My professor for that class I have been having ...
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