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  1. oh hi

    i've not been here in years

    and i don't really intend to be active again

    but hi, important update, as it turns out, im a girl now

    thank you for keeping up on the NeoNews.
  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#550

    Late Sunday Evening...
    I am mute, unable to talk.
    I am as usual regressing alone by myself.
    I am locked into my own inner world.
    I check down below.
    My dydee is wet.
    Odd, in that I seem to have not even noticed for the past couple of hours that I am wet.
    Do I smell of pee-pee?
    I can not tell.
    I have been back in diapers for over 3 decades.
    I really am a baby because I have utterly failed to remain potty trained.
    I am just not a grown-up ...
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