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  1. My first night

    Last night was my first night wearing a diaper to bed. I had a real tough time sleeping. After my first day as my new abdl self my mind was racing. I kept thinking Iím really doing this and Iím not turning back. Joy quickly turned to overwhelming anxiety about the future, I know I need to be 24/7 or I will end up purging and I know thatís not what I want to do. I will be so disappointed in myself if I find another reason to not be me.

    Today is a big day, I have a social event that ...
  2. Solid Shots

    Every night, I take a solid shot ó that's what I call the cocktail of meds that I take every night. It'só

    • two 300 mg gabapentin pills
    • one 2mg prazosin pill
    • four standard benadryl for the bedbug allergy
    • one 50mg tramadol
    • an L-methylfolate, equal to the RDA of 100%
    • 100mg of topamax
    • 5mg olanzapine
    • and 75mg venlafaxine.

    It covers and starts to ride the sides of a standard shot glass.

    It's a clustercuss. Fibro, PTSD, nerve damage, nerve pain, ...
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  3. I've Always Wanted To Blog!

    I've always loved watching little web series based around girls making blogs about their lives and talking about heir day and asking/giving advice. Ohhh my goodness this is amazing! I love the feeling of saying something that make people feel happy, and I've always wanted someone to look forward to something I plan on doing.

    Ooooooohhh I might be a blogger now :3
  4. I did it Iím officially an ABDL Girl

    [QUOTE=LittleTwinkle;1500604]Today has been amazing ! I went to Babies R Us and bought myself a fabulous Laura Ashley tote diaper bag along with some baby powder, baby oil and some destinin rash cream because I do plan on messing too. I sat in my car and switched everything that was in my purse into my diaper bag. I then took a drive to Jayco Medical here in Rhode Island. I walked into Jayco Medical with my diaper bag proudly on my arm. I was looking at the diapers and their selection wasnít bad. ...
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