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  1. Sometimes things just work out.

    I started today feeling pretty awful. My brother came by last night and hung out for a while. He had this idea that he wants to do a duet of Christmas songs for the family. He plays violin, I play bass/guitar. I said sure, it sounds like a lot of fun to me. We started working on that project and cracked open a bottle of the old Sailor Jerry rum. I drank quite a bit more than I usually do if I'm in a drinking mood. Usually I keep to a two drink limit. Three drinks if it's going to be a long drinking ...
  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#568

    At this time of year I am not spared from experiencing Holiday SEason Depression.
    While she was alive, I was always on her "Manure List".
    A decade after her passing, I still feel like I am on the Manure List.
    I never measured up to her expectations.
    She never had anything nice to say to me, even after I became an adult.
    Everything I ever did she found fault with.
    I could never once do anything right for her.
    I apologize.
    Just a day of sinking ...
  3. The Doze Doozy

    I have a frequent issue when I nap, one that I noticed a few years back, around the same time I got diaper curious for the first time: I leak when I nap.

    I've probably done it for a long time, but never actually noticed it. I can remember several times waking up from a nap and noticing that I was just cold and damp down there, but (fuck me, I was in denial) I thought it was nothing. Well, last night I could not sleep, and for some reason I just did not feel confident at all in my ...
  4. Drunken Musings

    I wonder about things. All the time. Today I was wondering if I should go to a psychologist. Do I have issues? I don't think so, but sometimes the people around me do. My thing is, even if I do have psychological issues, I am obviously managing them. I have a pretty high quality of life and it's been pretty stable for a long time now, so what's the point? Are they just going to tell me something that will make me think less of myself? What good can come of it? Maybe I don't want to be "normal". ...
  5. The Forbidden Act

    All you need to know about me is that where I live being an abdl is unacceptable; so unacceptable that im not allowed to engage in any activities related towards being an abdl at all

    Its been 2 (going on 3) years since i have owned or engaged in any activity related towards being an abdl and its been killing me to have to repress my urges.

    Its been so long since I have engaged in any activity of an abdl that it hurts in ways only one in my position could truthfully ...
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