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  1. I got adopted!

    Wow... so this open relationship thing may just have worked out in my favor after all;

    Long story short, I met this super nice mommy on everyone's favorite instant-messaging service and since I was travelling in her neck of the woods I detoured a few hours and spent a few nights with her and her live-in babygirl.

    We all hit it off so well!

    My last day there, we agreed; she would be my mommy and I would be her baby boy, and babygirl and I would be the ...
  2. Sexuality and Being a DL

    Alright, so I am in my freshman year in college, and so far, its starting rough. I have recently come to terms with my sexuality (I am bisexual) and I just tonight decided to binge on my diaper feelings. im looking for advice here: Im at a christian college. And, Believe it or not, the church generally frowns on homosexuality and fetishism in general. So, what can I do? I want to branch out and find a nice guy, hopefully a DL to expand my horizons with, but i dont know how to reconcile my feelings ...
  3. Played "Doki-Doki Literature Club"... Was Inspired to write a freestyle poem...

    Hi All,

    I haven't been posting here for a while, but I have found another visual novel that I have been playing recently and I think I have been inspired... I have never liked writing poetry because it seemed too abstract, but I have tried my best to create another since I was inspired by this visual novel... Here it is and I hope you all enjoy:

    I awake in my past without cause…
    Detached from the life I have lived…
    My mind regressed to the beginning… ...
  4. Dire Situations

    One common theme I have noticed across most facets of life is that it's usually considered insensitive to make light of a dire situation. I disagree. I often find when someone does, it doesn't necessarily mean that person (or people) are trying to be insensitive or are oblivious to the nature and/or reality of the situation, but how some deal with it on a more or less personal level. I have this saying, "If I'm not laughing, I'm crying". It's a reminder that the trials and tribulations ...

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  5. Took a month off

    Went off the grid (with exceptions of necessities like texting and Facebook) just wasn't feeling it, or anything for that matter. Feeling a little better. This is moreso for my friends on here.
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