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  1. My New Pacifier

    Well I'm new here and wanted to describe my journey with pacifier.

    I suffer from Sleep Apnea and Bruxism and found out one day last week that a pacifier could help with teeth grinding. I showed my wife an article about it and she was okay with me getting one but wasn't sure if she wanted to see me with it. So that night I showed her a site with adult pacifiers in it and picked one out and bought it.

    While it was coming I went ahead and bought a pair of night guards ...

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  2. hello its jeffeybug

    [QUOTE=jeffeybug;1528860]Iv always bean a bedwetter,gone thru kidney cancer. love life.stop to smell the roses.if ther is some thing you wont to do, just do it before its past you by.if you wont it get it,if it feals good wear it,life is to short to pass it by.rite now it is my art,photos,working lite and shadow reflection, will diapers will not stop fact if grown to like them,soo that is me.[/QUOTE]
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#461

    The "buyer" of the family home owned by my younger brother let him and his Realtor down "again".
    The Funds from the buyer's bank account did not clear into my younger brother's bank account to be able to close the sale, and to then close the purchase of the House Trailer by the Friday 6:00 PM "Closing Time".
    Maybe Monday, June 18th?
    History so far of the fiasco of trying to sell the family home of the last 52 years.
    Original agreed-to ...
  4. “Is this regression thing helping you or hurting you?” (Possible trigger warning- Depression/self harm urges)

    “Is this regression thing helping you or hurting you in the long run? I want you to take time and think about it.”

    Those were the last words spoken by my therapist before ending the session. I had never really thought about the possibility that regression could be harmful in any way, shape, or form. Even the couple people who I’ve gotten close enough to let into this little secret have said “Well, you do you! It isn’t hurting anyone.”

    I went home and pushed the idea ...
  5. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#460

    I guess I have some good news.
    The closing of the sale of our house will be tomorrow morning.
    Then the closing on the purchase of our new house trailer in Derry, NH will happen by noontime.
    Then by mid-afternoon tomorrow, the movers will arrive at our new house trailer to unload and fill our new place with our furniture and belongings.
    Anyway, this is happening 10 days late.
    My younger brother and I had to wait until the other party got his financial house ...
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