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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#538

    Today has been a 100% "Stay at Home" day.
    I have been washing laundry and I vacuumed my bedroom and part of the living room.
    I have also watched cartoons before my late afternoon nap.
    After my nap I watched:
    Star Trek: The Original Series
    Star Trek: The Next Generation
    Star Trek: Deep Space 9
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Now I am watching an old BBC Science documentary.
    Bedtime is at Midnight.
    My alarm is set for 7:00 AM, since I have to ...
  2. Welcome to Round Two


    Yesterday, I saw a primary care physician about my daytime incontinence issues. I got referred to a urologist and I'm in the process of getting an appointment.

    I'll be wearing diapers 24/7 starting from tomorrow. It's been forever since I've worn 24/7. The last time that I wore like that was when I was in seventh grade and I had my first issues with continence. I wore diapers for 6 months before I could finally gain continence.

    Right now, I'm ...
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#537

    I saw my Urologist this afternoon.
    It was a follow-up to the Bladder Biopsy I had back in July.
    No Cancer in my Bladder.
    It was just severe bladder lining inflammation from a bad UTI.
    Also, my brother also took me to the bank and the Walmart for necessary groceries.
    I also had my usual late afternoon nap.
    I mutely played with my rainstick rattle while lying flat on my back which soothed me and I gently fell asleep.
    As always in the evening ...
  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#536

    It is now after 10:00 PM on Thursday.
    Earlier today my younger brother taxied me over to the Derry, NH CTV Studio where I volunteer.
    I uploaded and edited another TV show I shot back in July.
    I then crutched over to the CVS Pharmacy at the intersection of NH Route 28 and NH Route 102.
    I needed to purchase more adult diapers.
    I then crutched over to the Derry, NH Public Library where my little brother picked me up to taxi me back home.
    Tomorrow, I have a Urologist ...
  5. Oops, part 3, and Catching Up

    I spent time with a friend recently. It was an overnight stay, and I got a chance to visit the cats too.

    SPEAKING OF, UPDATE: MY cat has been found! Yay!

    Anyway, overnight stay with the friend. I packed PJs and outfits and a comb and all kinds of things and

    I forgot to pack a diaper.

    I looked at my bag nervously. I would be fine, right?

    During the stay, I saw a stash of Poise pads in plain view. I was too chicken to ask ...
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