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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#477

    I am probably a boring person.
    My days are always relatively quiet.
    I mark time daily not via the clock, but via when I need to change my wet and/or poopy diapers.
    I take naps.
    I quietly play with my toys every day at different times of the day.
    I also perform necessary house chores.
    Washing Dishes.
    Washing Dirty Clothes.
    Caring for my guinea pig, Ernestina.
    Being autistic, I require a sameness to my day to day tasks and routines. ...
  2. We're not sick. Just different.

    An old friend, one who isn't in the site anymore, used to say that I bring up my identity as nonbinary quite a bit. He was right. I do this because people still don't get it. There are people who still think we're deluded, sick in the head. They don't respect the simplest of requests, like using the proper pronouns for us I've seen reasons from religion to just bullheaded obstinate refusal. And I think that's sick.

    We're not asking for a parade here.

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