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  1. So...I joined Fetlife.

    Hi Everyone,

    I know I have not been as active here as I have been on the discord server, however with my situation making it nearly impossible to access this site from school, I am out of options. During this spring break, so far it hasn't been a break, it's been a chore. Nearly every day I'm asked to do something (sometimes more than one thing at once) and when I promise myself that I would go into little space that day and not come out until the end of the week, I would, each time, ...
  2. Sorry for the long hiatus | Updates

    A lot has happened since my laptop started having problems. However, it's actually improved more... which is what compelled me to start using it again. I also want to tell you guys that I'm no longer into Tom Hiddleston anymore either. My new bae is Matthew Gray Gubler. He is also my hero as well! He's more similar to me, and I can also relate to him much more as well. You guys might know him best as Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds by the way. I also managed to get my hands on a baby pacifier. My ...
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#411

    A quiet 24 hours for me.
    Yes, it is after Midnight and now Wednesday.
    My 60th Birthday was yesterday.
    I will have to wait until Wednesday next week to get a small gift for my Birthday, due to being "broke" until my next SSDI Direct Deposit.
    I have been doing "Spring cleaning", along with getting rid of "junk" I do not need.
    Yes, my younger brother and I are "downsizing".
    This family home we live in is too big, and too expensive ...
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