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  1. Milwaukee Diapered Boy

    I can't remember the last time I posted here.
    Some years. Maybe over 5.

    Milwaukee is my place of residence, and familiar with the more outgoing ABDL group. I'm not one for large cliques, unless the other person/s ALSO genuinely find me worth knowing.
    That said, I'm not an extrovert in the most. With me it's a respect over time thing,am more inclined to like someone off the bat if they don't come off as arrogant, or better than others. I'm 37 this coming July, and have ...
  2. Another new job

    It did not take me that long to get hired this time. I took a job as a fry cook at Ozarks Technical Community College Cafe 101. The things I do there are fry chicken, keep the kitchen clean, and do the dishes 5 days a week.

    The way I got this job is pretty impressive. I had little help filling out the application, going to the interview, and going to human resources (which is just a tiny building on the side). It was all very fast & simple. I even called my boss, told her about ...
  3. Thirtytwo

    Two hours into thirty-two. I've had my chill out coffee.

    I've done nothing yet—it is 0217 in the morning as I write this—but I have ideas.

    I know what I want to do today. I'm making a note to do the Year Ahead tarot reading, as well as to make a folder to keep client reading records in.
    Business, of course.

    And I'm going to have to look into work.

    But for now, rest. This light caffeine nap trick really works.
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  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#426

    As usual, my day started at Noontime.
    In the afternoon I watched TV for a while, primarily children's TV programs.
    My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic
    Paw Patrol
    Peter Rabbit
    My brother took me out to the Bank to cash my latest Brooks Automation Stock Dividend Cheque.
    I used to work for them as a Senior Electronics Engineering Technician.
    He then took me shopping at the Walmart
    $19.60 in the Quarterly Stock Dividend plus $5.00 in my Hello Kitty wallet ...
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