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  1. shopping for ABDL diaper samples

    There are a number of ABDL stores that specialize in small quantity orders (usually 2pc samples or single bags) or that carry a wide selection.

    XP Medical and Northshore both carry a fairly good selection of "medical grade" diapers. ...

    Updated 02-Mar-2018 at 21:40 by bambinod

  2. Angle your lower tapes

    Here's some pics I took to show how I "angle my lower tapes" to get a MUCH better fit.
    I like to "pre-tape" my diapers to the exact fit I like and then pull them up, so here's how I prepare to put on my daily "wear to work" diaper. It's an ABU Preschool (plastic) and fits me pretty well. I'd say my waist sze falls right in the middle of the Large's range.

    First let me show you where I attach the four tapes. I've used a red marker to help highlight ...
  3. Nerves of glass.

    I haven't been sleeping.

    The bugs have flipped me nocturnal, and the daylight is hard to sleep in. My stomach acted up for a solid week, too, and I had to be exceedingly careful how I ate, drank, and slept.

    And I spent the better part of two weeks in standard, flimsy underwear.

    At first I thought nothing of it, but then I noticed how much I was having trouble sleeping. I was waking up five times a night rushing to get to the bathroom, and so many times ...
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