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  1. Been thinking

    If I left home, went somewhere new, and got a new job I enjoy, I would be alone. My depression would come back. Honestly I think I might be doomed by my own hand. I've been working on my depression but it's always there. Lately this is all I can think about AB stuff, diapers, and the idea of someone special. This seems to be all that I want.
  2. Movie Night Twist

    Today was movie night. We went to see Black Panther. (Awesome.) Before that was barbeque.

    I got the nerve up to tell a friend about a test my head doctor had me take. See, she suspects that I'm one of those often missed cases of Black people who have Asperger's.

    The reaction?

    "You JUST noticed?"

    As I sit there with a "wat" face we run through a lot of my habits and some of the weirder things I have managed to end ...
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