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  1. Struggling.

    I'm suspended from work. The bugs. One came in on my purse, and my supervisor, in full view of the rest of the staff, suspended me while letting everyone know about the bugs.

    The allergy grows worse, and the management of the building refuses to see about sending in the guy who will exterminate the apartment. As a result, I have been forced to attempt to exterminate the damn things myself. I apply chemicals every day, taking a tally of the bugs I see and kill. Four benadryl greet ...
    Tags: diary
  2. Babyfur Q&A

    Borrowed from TheLittleShapeshifter on IB.

    1. why are you a babyfur or ab?

    Not sure, exactly. I don't have the stereotypical AB/babyfur story that "My parents were mean and I want to go back to the innocent days" or "I was incontinent for 10+ years and it just sort of grew on me." In fact, my childhood was pretty good. Maybe that's why I'm a babyfur, because my childhood/babyhood was actually pretty good. I've always been a babyfur somewhat, I suppose. ...
  3. Last night - still can't pee in diaper

    Had argument with wife last night - having an extremely stressful time with work about returning or not, after my op - slept in spare room, really really stressed. Put on a diaper, which really calmed me down at first, but then a sleepless hour later, inevitably I wanted to pee. Paranoid about wetting the bed, I put a pad in to boost the diaper, and waited, but it just refused to flow because I couldn't relax. Ended up taking the diaper off for the rest of the night and using the toilet. Frustrating. ...
    Tags: diaper, peeing, stress
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