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  1. So much sleep

    So I've spent the majority of the day sleeping. Normally I spend the night trying to sleep, but today I've been sleeping all day and now it's night, and I'm going to have to sleep at the proper hour, and, well, you see the problem.

    I'm still adjusting to having my meds back. They've taken my pains away — and that little bit of night control with them — but I've got yet another new problem: this med messes with my blood sugar. I mean, it may have before, but now that I have to get ...
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  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#415

    As usual I am always very wide-awake late at night.
    Today my younger brother took me out shopping again.
    It is in a way difficult for an older Autistic like myself who is also physically disabled to now rely upon others to be able to get out into the community.
    I use to enjoy driving myself everywhere.
    But, with no functional car, and having vision problems, I had to give up my independence.
    Anyway, at least I am spending less money per month, especially this month. ...
  3. Terry diapers

    Looked up how to do old style diapers terry towle,pin,plastic pants,tried & liked it!

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