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  1. Getting More Daring with the Wearing & How I Like Layers

    Hello. I've been having a long spell of "diaper mode"--at least a week now. The desire has been so strong that i've gotten more daring
    with where and how i wear my diapers. I have worn to work most days this week. Not thin diapers, but i've varied what i used, but
    always wore my big black jeans over them. I solder things together, mostly by myself, and my coworker has worn track pants all week,
    so we don't need to dress up at this place. It certainly makes ...
  2. welp i kinda want someone to try this for me

    so i just made a weird diaper... pad thing with a bath towel its quite confortable better than underwear in my opinion. and its so thick and heavy not even wet so i want someone to try this
    get the thickest diaper you can get that is disposable.
    do what i did with towel and make it into a pad like thing
    and tell me how it feels please i wanna know

    step 1: take bath towel any kind

    step 2: do "hotdog" fold once or twice ( if needed to hamburger ...
  3. A Ramble, A Breakthrough?

    For me, it's not a fetish. Diapers, that is. And I am so often met with disbelief when I say this.

    For me, a soft diaper is a source of comfort, a refuge at the end of the day. It is a place to come home to. It is the place to touch base at when the troubles of the day have worn me down and there are few things that can offer me comfort.

    I am a little without a caregiver. I must occupy both of these roles at once when I come home at the end of the day. There are days ...

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  4. A good day in diapers

    Quote Originally Posted by ScruffyDL View Post
    I finally received my latest order from XP Medical after being out for a few months and using CVS brand. I purchased my favorite brand and a new one to try. My favorite brand so far is the Seni Quatro and Super Plus. The Quatro are thick and hold a lot which work for those days when I can just lounge around unbothered. The Super Plus work well under jeans and don't show hardly at all.

    The new one is the Molicare Slip Super Plus. I thought that these were the same as the Molicare
  5. welp second post comeing on my first day

    so its just a little stupid question but i normally have a hard time useing the restroom as of recent like it takes a good half minute before i start letting my self go. so now im wondering on whats better

    haveing a bladder that almost always refuses to do anything

    or a uncontrolable bladder

    liveing with this issue for about three months now i kinda want uncontrolable bladder now cause really its a pain to just take a wiss. ...
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