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  1. An Attempt for the first 24 hour Diapered Day - I failed!

    Hi all,
    I started this little experiment (no pun intended) at 10PM last night. Where I wore diapers from that time until mid afternoon today (between 3 and 4 PM)... I intended to go 24 hours (until 10 tonight), but I had reached my maximum allotment of diapers (4 per 'little' day) and the fact that one of the diapers I tried to put on was defective - contributed to the failure to be padded 24 hours. The overall experience of being padded was liberating. You don't have to go to the bathroom ...
  2. I can't believe all that has happened.

    It has been over 5 years now since I decided to diaper 24/7. I don't even think about it all that much anymore, except when I have a rather big mess to clean up, it has become rather routine. Often I completely forget when I have accidents because it is just so routine. I still feel when I have to go and don't have too many night time accidents but i tend to go as soon as I have the urge without much thought. I'm honestly glad though that I can hold it when I really need to for a bit though, I thankfully ...
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