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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#476

    Late evening on a Saturday.
    I performed housechores today.
    I have also spent time this afternoon mutely bunnying and crawling on the carpeted floor in my bedroom and playing with some of my little Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy cars and trucks.
    I am happy when I play with my toys as a 60 year-old physically and developmentally disabled Senior Citizen.
    I also had a nice afternoon nap, and with my teddy bears and other plushies, and the only 3 baby toys I have now, which are just ...
  2. Dreams

    [QUOTE=jeffeybug;1532504]Yes some times i dream that im shoping fore adult diapers and wearing a diaper will out.I am prity shuer it meens thats is whout i like.
    if i dream im useing the bathroom,im wetting the bed.ore its raining,eney water its a wet trying to train my self to wake up befour im wet,
    That is way it a good thing fore me to wear diapers to bed, and i like them.[/QUOTE]
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#475

    At my age of 60 it really feels okay, natural, and normal for me to totally uncontrollably pee and poop 24/7 in diapers and not into a toilet.
    Yet, I do have some times, when I do have a "barely made it" to poop in the toilet.
    My bladder and bowels are primarily completely out of my conscious cognitive control.
    I should feel ashamed of my uncontrollable peeing and pooping, but at 60 years old, I no longer do.
    being utterly totally incontinent is part of my life ...
  4. Preparation

    I'm hungry. I can't eat.

    Lemme explain.

    I'm prepping for an upper endoscopy, so I have to have an empty stomach. Nothing that requires digestion allowed. Only clear fluids, so no cream in my coffee either (boo, hiss), and nothing red (they're very specific about that part). The fast portion started early Thursday and one all I've had is an orange soda. for some reason orange is fine but red is out.

    The extended cycle I had to deal with left me with what ...
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  5. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#474

    A quiet day.
    I have spent it mostly alone by myself.
    In the early evening I hobbled over to the historic farm of Poet Robert Frost across the road to shoot video of a Poety Reading Session.
    For most of the day I quietly listened to the radio or I watched some old cop shows on Hulu online.
    Now, I am quietly watching a BBC documentary about "Weather".
    Tomorrow and through the rest of the weekend, I will watch children's TV on Hulu on my computer.
    I need ...
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